1. Thots start out young now days , she definitely gonna be someone fuck puppet or do porn . And in 5 years she gonna look like her mom at 49 , used up old leather lol.

  2. her twitter is @akagabiii although shes not active anymore, and i think her last name's guibord [she has like a pic of a list thingy on her twitter acc and it says there โ€œgabby guibordโ€ her poem also has โ€œg.g.โ€ on it]

  3. I donโ€™t get why everyoneโ€™s roasting this girl. she seems pretty fucking normal to me. Personally for me iโ€™m not out having underage sex but thatโ€™s my prerogative. I smoke with my mom, Iโ€™m 16. Iโ€™m not a bad kid either, I go to school and get my shit done. I have ambitions and goals in life and weed doesnโ€™t hinder that. It really depends on the person and how theyโ€™re raised. If overall sheโ€™s responsible I donโ€™t see what wrong with her having a vice that is a plant and wonโ€™t kill her brain cells or any major organs. Her and her mom are literally just open minded itโ€™s not that deep. Watch her make something of herself and be extremely successful. Also she didnโ€™t โ€œdrop outโ€ of school, sheโ€™s homeschooled ffs. Sheโ€™ll still get a diploma and is better than half the kids who are forced to get a G.E.D because they were too lazy to just stick out the 4 years..

  4. This video is annoying asf, this girl has some really good points about societal standards and laws, youโ€™re just hopping on the roast bandwagon.

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