1. What a wonderful companion animal you have. Your animal is trying to protect you. Being childlike, your companion feels the need to watch over you in this way. Be happy for this. Thankyou for sharing:)) What your doing is meaningful.

  2. Hi James..I live in Kelowna BC..I am on disability for complex ptsd..I take cbd oil and thc oil (pheonix tears) for the last 3 months with HUGE improvement…….I cannot grow 60 plants in my apartment to do the raw cannabis…(which sounds even more healing) any ideas….this is so tiring….it's just a plant…that God made for us the people..God Bless..Peace and Grace Patricia ([email protected])

  3. I guess that's a lot of work to bring them in I can't believe you're having Frost already but you are in Canada I hope everything turns out good for you everything looks awesome congratulations on your garden. Have a nice week my friend and thanks for sharing. Bob

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