1. Watched the whole 3hr interview, it's pretty weird! Musk comes across as a bit crazy at times, he certainly has some strange ideas about the future… would be a really interesting for a psychologist I bet!
    Don't know the host well, but like he says, "It's California, it's legal"! Plus he goes on to say he hasn't ever really smoked it much, as he doesn't find it helps his productivity, lol!

  2. Blunts SUX. Ruins good Pot .He's just as human as every body else. Maybe a little spoiled or a lot spoiled. He never impressed me as some kinda genus.The Electric car is wayyyyyyyyyyy over due. But we don't need 100K cars but 10K electric cars.Without U.S. Government subsidies he would not exist. Just like Amazon, what monopolistic commies.

  3. G'day,

    Yeah, you're not wrong there… ; one wonders at his motivation, in such a dissembling presentation ?

    But on the other hand (I have different fingers), and – like Zaphod Beeblebrox…, Elon Musk is "just this guy…, d' y' understand….?".

    Perhaps the very most fascinating factoid concerning Elon Musk, concerns the point that while enlisted under the name of "Raymond Collishaw" he was the Highest-scoring Canadian Fighter-Pilot of World War One.

    Either backtrack my Videos, or title-search them, looking for "…Elon Musk…" to see the apparently irrefutable Photographic Evidence…(!).

    Perhaps, possibly, mayhap, (ever) young Elon has finally noticed that Anthropocrntric Global Warming is trashing the Economy…, to the point whereinat nobody can afford to buy the Coal-Fired Teslas which he hoped his Robots would build cheaply, and with the Profits derived from the Sales of which he was ambitiously hoping to underwrite his SpaceX Skyrocket "Racket" via which he was hoping to escape to Mars…

    And, maybe, now that he's woken up to his own Bullshit Content…, this is Elon's way of aknowledging that ;

    "Everybody Must Get STONED…!"

    And, by "Bumsucking" on Camera he's left himself a "Figleaf of Credibility" for the benefit of those of his Investors & Shareholders who're too scared to smoke Pot because a bunch of Barbiturate, Valium, Alcohol and Tobacco-Addicts told then – in their infancy, that

    "Using Pot will send you Lazy, and Stupid, and Mad ; and then you won't want to work ever harder, to compete, to fuck the local Ecology & Global Biosphere ever faster, & more efficiently – while chasing after ever bigger Profits"…

    We live in interesting Thymes, and the Thymes – they are a' Changeling…!

    Such is Life,

    Ciao !

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