1. I've been on 100mc/g fentinal patches for 4 years now. And today I told my Dr that I want to start and ween off my meds so I can start cbd to help my pain management. I have ankylosing spondylitis. Once I'm down to a 50mg patch I'll start with cbd. What type and dosage would you recommend? I'll most likely start in November on the cbd. I'm in Canada and they are all becoming legal in October. I don't want anything with thc, really don't like that high feeling. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

  2. Catherine, my mother in law has severe leg pain. Doctors have put her in the fiber myalgia category and prescribed lyrica. Since taking it she is forgetting things can’t tell you what day it is so now they say she has dementia. We think it’s reaction to all her medications. We are looking for advice and alternative methods. Thank you am learning a lot from your videos.

  3. I received my products a couple days ago and I’m very pleased with their quality. Thanks! I have several autoimmune issues-Crohn’s, fibromyalgia and ME/CFS. I also have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, dairy intolerance and my Doctor wants me to go keto-but I prefer mostly vegetarian. I’m a RN and had to retire early due to health issues. I’m looking for a group of 8-10 go-to meals that are simple and comply with my picky digestive track!

    I’m also on a similar spiritual path; thanks for sharing your testimony!

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