Cannabis and Bipolar Disorder: What do we know? What do we still need to learn?

Andrew Penn, RN, MS, NP, APRN-BC, explores the controversy of using cannabis therapeutically for mood stabilization, anxiety reduction, and the promotion of …


  1. It really helps with me. Helps me calm down when I’m irritated or can’t sleep. It also helps me when I’m too depressed to eat!! It helps me get hungry. So yes Cannabis helps me in sooo many ways.

  2. I have personally used cannibis to treat my bipolar disorder haven't taken medication for years I don't think it's a solution for everyone as we're all different but it's definitely good at stabilising my moods as they changed very quickly when untreated

  3. Quetaipine is utterly pervasive and insidious to health an well-being . His reaction is very telling. It's very expensive and over prescribed. Hmmmm

  4. Nancy Reagen I think is being misused here with her quote of Just Say No. My understanding was that it was aimed at young ones to help them avoid drug use. I don't believe it was an issue of medical use, but young people doing it for entertainment.

  5. Great webinar. Those of us with bipolar have trouble with THC. This is especially true if we also experience psychosis.  I choose not to use any cannabis as I get manic and psychotic ever time, even with the lowest possible THC. If people with bipolar are going to use cannabis, the safe route is CBD only where you have a professional assurance that the THC is extremely low. Weed from the street will be high THC. I wish I could use it, but I prefer to be stable. Julie Fast

  6. Are you reading from the same outdated and misleading medical sources that Jeff Sessions reads? Because it sounds as if you are as ignorant to the facts that cannabis has many medical benefits as does he. A little word of advice for you, if you want all those little initials you add to the end of your name to actually carry value then try reading from other sources than just those printed by the AMA.

  7. Ive been a close to daily weed smoker for years but I can't lie, the only time I've ever had a scary panic attack was right after I smoked a blunt with a couple friends. And even after that my body didn't feel right for like 2 weeks it had to of been some kind of psychosomatic episode induced by marijuana… oh well.

  8. Bipolar II here! i smoke pot everyday since a year and a half, sometimes it's a great helps, some others doesn't make any change on my state, and some other times it makes worse, at hypomania or depressive, the effect it's never the same…

  9. There were 2 times that marijuana would give me severe anxiety. It was like a dark evil cloud surrounded me. Like being in hell!
    When I started taking Prozac (both times) I could smoke more with NO anxiety whatsoever.
    My first 3 manic episodes were stress related and I thought of them as "Nervous Breakdowns" and not a medical condition.
    I can no longer take Prozac because it may elevate me into mania.
    I am currently testing Indica strains for mania and insomnia.
    Seroquel seems to help eliminate my marijuana cravings.

  10. I broke my ankle and started using the CBD oil and it helps tremendously I no longer need the Vicodin and Percocets the prescribed me for the pain, it also helps my social anxiety also, it also helps me sleep at night so I love CBD and it has definitely improved the quality of life for me.

  11. Bipolar I, Disability, SSI. Marijuana helped for three years tremendously, and in the last two years sent me into a haze of panic attacks and confusion, avoid usage.


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  13. If people are using cannabis in their youth to treat bipolar disorder, it's likely because they don't have an alternative. I think an effective way to address stopping its use it I think would be to take the "let's replace it with something that will help you a little bit better" route.

  14. cannabis has helped me tremendously. I have Bi Polar II and I found that it brings me down when I become manic and it also helps me sleep while I'm manic, this is a hard thing to do. When I'm depressed it allows me to feel better and suppresses thoughts. I am completely thankful for this medicine and would like to try to push for medicinal use sometime. I can function on this medicine because it slows down my thinking and allows me to think things through.

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