Canada Already Has A Pot Tourism Ad

Canada’s legalization of marijuana is already blatantly evident in their newest tourism ads. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE: …


  1. Legalization has made zero difference in our society, in case anyone was wondering. People are talking about it a bit more but even that has already subsided. The country did not go to ruin.

  2. Way to go Canada! You missed the mark again. You should have decriminalize marijuana not legalized it.
    The government shouldn't try to get you high and make you absent-minded and easy to control.
    The government also should not punish those who get high if not following group think Common people should have the say what to use and what to grow. The state is thinking dollar $$ real money not that monopoly money Canada has.
    Money before people. Corporations are things not people that's why they suck on YT.

  3. Millions of African Americans are going to live the US, and move to Canada to escape mass incarceration. The War on Drugs still rages on in America and African Americans are still getting 10 year prison sentences for nickel bags of marijuana. I do not smoke marijuana, but I do see people who do everyday. Many African Americans live in slums, become homeless, and lose their rights as a citizen because they were hit with a felony. In Canada this won't happen. I for one would surely like to see what happens to America after it loses the majority of its prison population or its "slave" population (13th Amendment). Honestly, I do not think America could survive without slavery. That's probably because African American slaves did all the work and Americas entire existence and revlovence is slavery. YOU GO CANADA!!

  4. I am a Canadian. I agree this is a poor policy. It was done in an effort to take drugs out of the hands of criminals, and to exert more control over this substance. I don't believe someone who occasionally uses marijuana should be in jail. But many suffer when this is controlled by a criminal element. It is a hard thing to deal with. I feel people need to be awake and alert to deal with the questions they face every day. Is alcohol not a problem for people as well? How would you deal with this issue?

  5. Wow!! Not even the Mexicans want to go to the states any more!! Too many fat shits stuffing burgers and hotdogs in their faces shooting each other!! 🖕🖕🇨🇦🌲

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