🤔How Is Live Resin Made?

Have you ever wondered ‘How is Live Resin Made?’ Well, that’s what we’re about to find out in this video. I’ll show you what Live Resin is, how it was invented, …


  1. I discovered live resin accidentally. Went I was harvesting my amnesia, I put it fresh into a glass tray to carry to the drying room.
    So I discovered that a lot of tricomes get broken and stick to the glass. I decided to press fresh buds into the glass and then take the resin with a blade, like in bho process. So what I get was the best hash I ever smoke, very aromatic, pure thc. Better than some bho

  2. A big puff back at you with some Rosin Star Blue God and 6ixotics Orange Cookie Live resins… The thing about live resin I love is the high turns into an almost edible buzz..

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