★ How to: Grow Potatoes in Containers (Step by Step Guide)

How to: Grow Potatoes in Containers (Step by Step Guide) Today’s Project Diary Video I will be showing you how to grow Potatoes in Containers at home.


  1. Hi, I think seed potatoes vs store eating potatoes for containers may be indeterminate vs. determinate. Stressing, (earthing), takes it's toll on determinate types, and with the short lifespan of the plant could die before they really produce. Many commercial potatoes in the states are determinate for uniform harvesting.

  2. I live in US and honestly have planted many potatoes from ones bought at the store and have had many crops from them. Yes Im sure seed potatoes work well but I honestly havent had to buy any except for some specialty ones

  3. lots of places say you don't want the potatoes or pieces to be smaller than 1 cubic inch and setting them in sunlight (called chitting) not just to callus but turning the eyes green and starts them growing. It makes them rot in ground less.
    The dying tomatoes during really wet years can be "Bottom rot" where the roots get to wet and die and easily cured by adding lime to increase soil calcium. Should try a test of adding lime to your sawdust and coffee grounds too. It makes a big difference when it comes to blooming and flowering and usually makes tons more potatoes and tomatoes.

  4. they sprout here in america all the time – we just leave them in dry egg cartons on the window sill until they start growing and put them in dirt and throw dirt over them. You can grow them in laundry baskets also, or grocery cloth bags

  5. It depends where you get your potatoes for growing from, if its from grocery store, and youre in USA its possible that potatoes come from different state, then they are radiated tiny amount to kill germs and unwanted living things in them, if youre not from USA it is possible they come from a different country, they are radiated aswell, those wont grow, maybe 1 in 10-20 will, maybe. Every fruit/vegetable imported from a slightly different ecosystem gets that kind of treatment. And i like what you did there with coffee, clever, i use fungus Pollen directly on wood chips+moisture, but you speed up the process like 5x :] btw try growing some salads in this kind of hmm… soil? grows 2x times faster and bigger

  6. You did a really good job with your presentation. Very clear. Keep up the good work. Very helpful to me as a notive but greedy for knowledge gardener.

  7. When I see aphids on my rose bushes I spray them with a mixture of dish soap and water and it doesn't hurt the roses and it kills aphids. Can you spray that on potato plants too?

  8. also it should be noted that most potatoes actually won't benefit from the method of constatnly pouring more soil over the plant. look up potato towers and what types of potatoes to use for them to maximize your harvest

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