1. Hi Gord. Just want to encourage you today. Anxiety,; not being able to move ahead in your day , is something I struggle with also. All the time….. really holds me back as well and.the disabilities which suck. I'm on a permanent disability pension with CPP. I am grateful, but I'd rather be healthy, know what I mean. 🙂

  2. The reality is that the lobby's that stand to lose $ will be given a slice of the pie..it's just a reality….money talks I think that's why we will see drugstores handling medical cannabis [pharma gets it's slice]…..Booze outlets offering rec cannabis …Police involved..Blair…
    you get my point…..of course the large number of Liberal politicians that are involved with Licensed Producers is just good old crony capitalism/corruption
    The public good /health is just a talking point
    I'm also very disappointed with" Bustin Justin TrueDough" he should have leveled with the people and told the truth re Lobby's …interest groups etc

  3. Hang in there man. Love your videos. It's relaxing to be in your company. Shits rough in my world as well. Just gotta keep soldiering on, smiling when we can.

  4. It's a veggie …Want to juice it for maximum benefits.:-) pharmaceuticals lists from 3000 years ago have marijuana on them! Research proves TPTB are ( insert your adjective )

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