This is What Your Lungs Look Like After 20 Cigarettes

If you’re one of 40 million Americans who smoke, here’s another reason to kick the habit. This viral video shows what a pair of lungs look like after just 20 …


  1. Ok, people don’t smoke. I know it can be addictive, like Anorexia, but you should get help, as well as any other disorder that is life threatening. People are there for you if they think you aren’t. Smoking is bad for your lungs and can be life threatening. There are people who have a whole in their throat because of it. Please stop smoking, it for the best.

  2. I too like to smoke my cigarettes and smoke the filter in one drag and light them with a blow torch and suck the burning hot smoke into my lungs and hold it in for like 15 seconds while I repeat this process 20 times in like 5 minutes

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