1. Look up DrMike in Toronto Canada the only DNA match technology that gets you perfect match,and into his patient cancer network of only Natural Organic Full spectrum light outdoor !!!!as indoor cant compete in any sector science proven 100%. His team has been doing this since 1978 helping Cancer research like no other!!! he has the only live patient data and we are all waiting fo rhim to go public to buy his shares as he is the the true GENETIC GOD of the Plant world to help heal the people.

  2. BULLSHIT not one is 100% Organic non GMO and lab certified chemical free ONLY the Doctor in Canada treating Cancer patients has that lab cert to protect his patients the owner of Organic fertilizer GrowBgTea look him up. DONT buy these big corp shit it all has mold and fungus and many have sprays unsafe they are not lab cert safe and free of chemicals dont consume it!!!! EVERRRRRR unless you want to get serious infections to Kid and liver!!! CBD is very complex and with many levels like THC and many alkyloids are complex this Canadian Doctor for get his name is the only BioMAtch DNA technology to get the best safe match for you!!!! synthetic is shit as well like mist synthetics.

  3. If you pay over $20 for a distilled weed a bottle, you have paid too much! Same as the C60 craze! Good and Cheap $20, Purple Power $160 for the same ingredients and less quantity. Cheaper to grow CBD Hemp oil than a lot of spices. Just a rip off!

  4. Listen up ☝️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️if you wanna kill cancer cells you need THC !,,🌱look up Rick SiSimpson Simpson on utupe he show you how to make the oil.. there’s a lot of watered down crap shit 💩 on Amazon and in Holland and Barrett .. ….good health folks🌈👍🇬🇧

  5. In the UK and I use a brand from Slovenia called Hemptouch. It's 15% CBD cannabinoid. I've had a big medical problem this year and CBD really seems to help me.

  6. Please look into Trew Balance for your next video!!!! Amazing quality, bio-availability, efficiency….. the list goes on….. They have many products within their line as well as pet specific tinctures. They just released a new product using the new nano- lysosomal technology (Trew Tabs) . Check it out!!!!!

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