Snoop Dogg’s Son Quits Football After Researching CTE

The Rundown: 00:11 ▻ Adrian Bylon on getting married 01:37 ▻ Lil Xan cheeto incident 02:32 ▻ Rihanna house broken into 03:35 ▻ Snoop Dogg’s son quits …


  1. In HS during practice one of our teammates had a full speed helmet to helmet collision. Didn't even look bad but when that boy got up and jogged to the sideline he wasn't right.

    He was saying all kinds of dumb shit. Asking what day it was, what his name was, paranoid about picking his little brother up from his school etc etc. He wasn't right for the rest of the week and just became more quiet for the rest of the school year.

  2. I respect adrian becauae not a lot of ppl know ur situation! I jus got married 2 years ago and Im tierd of hearing dat damn question! People need to be more sensitive about dis subject foreal!

  3. My baby boy was so mad with me because I didn't let him play. I told him I'm da parent n dis is before they came with dat movie Will Smith played in. Who wants head injuries, I got dem a lot as a kid 😂 funny but NOT funny.

  4. Not mad at it . He can afford to make that choice unlike a lot of other student athletes who need to go further to get that scholarship and education paid for and hopes of the NFL. Great sport but sucks what happens to these men years And years after retirement . Shit even I get strains and pulls on the back of my head that connects my spine and brain stem and I only played all high school and 1 year of college football . Practice proper hitting fellas and even then it can happen . Blessings not trying to argue or have a bad vibe with anyone ✊🏽

  5. If I were these kids I would stick with baseball or basketball or soccer there's so much longevity in it and baseball and basketball have good good good money and you can make your career last a long time especially baseball

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