1. Respect to the guest for all his hip hop knowledge. However, I'm so tired of outsiders of our community knowing more about US and our CULTURE than the average person in our community. This man is making money off of writing a book about a genre that comes from us/we created (and has been hijacked). Soon we will have to learn about us from the dominant society.

    OAN I never understand why the dominant society has interest in being experts on things thats part of our community (i.e. a white hip hop expert/author, white AA Studies professors, etc).

  2. Jay-Z said in a rhyme and I quote "truthfully I want to rhyme like common sense but I so 5 mil I ain't been rhyming like common sense" that destroys that I'm white and I said so narrative that fuck nigga keep trying to press

  3. Zoe you going to lose fans on this one you can on some bullshit now you trying to justify proven that racism exists to white people every week you say you don't need to do that shit but since your homeboy there now you got to do that shit you fucking up man

  4. Kevin thinks labels don't promote conscious rap. The facts is the majority of consumers don't want to listen to conscious rap. They want to listen to "gangsta" rap. It's the same as young people not wanting to listen to an elder that preaches to them and turning to their young friends who encourage unruly living.

  5. Zo was hilarious this episode lol! I’m sorry thought that call @ 1:56:00 was on point except for adding twista to his top 5. Jay Z is top 5 period! Reasonable Doubt one of the greatest albums ever!
    Top 5 no particular order: Jay z Biggie Nas Pac Rakim (honorable mention… Scarface)

  6. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Some things are just spiritual and emotional. Caucasians are always trying to break something down into sections and parts–it doesn't make them smarter because they can spout dates and new words that they've created to explain something, like dude is doing here with the way Rakim rhymed. It's "Egyptology" (the caucasian's wording and perspective of Kemet/Egypt) all over again, constantly. These people literally have [secret] conferences about Melanin–and no one that's melanated is invited. Marinate with that…

  7. We guess is one of the most dangerous type of races around he comes in and try to justify his racism through bullshit you can't give people credit for making money off of you the fucking people that he's giving credit to had no talent to produced fucking hip-hop so they had to get people to produce hip hop cuz that's what they sold fucking evil cracker

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