Sativex and it’s effects Does it get you high? Multiple Sclerosis medication for spasticity

I was immensely lucky to get prescribed Sativex after previous drugs has been found to be unsuitable for my Multiple Sclerosis spasticity. Since I was first …

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  1. Andy, I have recently 'found' your channel and as someone whose health has deteriorated in an incredibly speedy manner to the point where I'm now on ESA support group and am waiting for the decision from my PIP assessment, just being able to listen to someone who understands the way things really are is often of a great help when I'm up at 4am stressing about stuff out of my control, you have a great way with words and I may at times paraphrase you just to make myself sound as if I am somewhat more fluent with our messed up magical mother tongue! absolutely love the vids, keep them coming, I am especially interested in this episode as I cannot cope any longer with doing the 'Ali shuffle' all bloody night most of the week and am going to see my gp about possible CBD treatments, 3D camera is great, keep walking and talking mate!

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