Richie Supa – “I Got This” Official Music Video

Across America, countless millions struggle with addiction. Countless millions more struggle to recognize they have a problem. Please share this video to …


  1. Smoked pot for 35 years and been 90 days sober today, I have no issues with pot or smokers, some people need it for pain. Pot wont kill you like all hard drugs will. I dont even consider pot a drug. I just had enough of it and wanted to use my $$ on other things besides weed and the munchies, lol. Cigarettes on on my hit list next.

  2. So many people are offended about the weed. Anything that makes you feel good or is an escape can become an addiction if it starts destroying your personal/professional life. Is weed as bad as some of the other drugs? No. But some people still can get addicted because it makes them feel good. Addictions aren't limited to hard drugs. There are addictions to caffeine, video games, sex, exercising, the internet. The list goes on. Weed is on that list.

  3. I love this. and to anyone saying things about the weed and how it's not a drug… You've missed the whole point. if you don't think you got a problem that's fantastic, maybe you don't, but there are since of us that had to fully conceit to our inner most selves that we were on a deadly path and need help thank you to the person that wrote this song

  4. Wow! It's amazing how Richie has captured the mind of an addict in "I Got This! " I'm already a big fan of "Enemy," which is the album, that the song is from. Richie knows that his music is a way to reach the sick and suffering addict, who may not otherwise, find recovery. Hope this makes it to the Grammy's! Please watch and share!!

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