“Prisoners of Prohibition” Trailer: Meet the Men & Women Serving Life for Weed

MERRY JANE’s new docuseries examines the plight of those sentenced to life in prison for pot, the effects on their families and communities, and the legal fight …


  1. Just because it's legal in your state now doesn't mean everyone goes free. They still committed a crime. Life is kinda fucked up but if it was unjust sentence wouldn't they appeal it?

  2. One set of dried leaves helps with an enormous list of medical disorders, doesn't hurt anyone and is illegal… the other is highly addictive, a major cause of cancer and legal… guess which one is weed and which is tobacco.

  3. Until we stop privatizing prison systems people will continue to be locked up for bullshit “crimes.” A fuck ass weed charge today, farting too loud tomorrow. What is going on in the U.S. ????

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