Our Top 12 Tips to Survive RV Living & Van Life

These are our top 12 tips to survive living in an RV full-time. These RV living tips apply to anyone living in a motorhome, trailer or any other RV who’s going to be …


  1. I got an intense lesson from my Dad about how to back up our gooseneck style 19’ Scamp. Not easy, but now I feel confident that I could fetch the Scamp and get it set up at a campsite while my hubby finishes his work week. So, my favorite tip you gave is to Share the Drive! It really can make RV life more enjoyable for everyone.

  2. I haven't watched a video since your video on Barcelona (I love European travel videos). So I'm surprised to see that Kate hasn't grown her hair back. I know that's not the focus of your videos, but is Kate ok? I wish you the best of health.

  3. Been reviewing videos put up by people I like and revisited the one you guys posted about your visit to El Paso, Texas. Did that ever bring back memories! I received my U.S. Army MOS schooling there at Ft. Bliss back in the fall of 1964. I was there to learn all about Nike-Hercules and Hawk AA missiles. Four of us at the school would go over to Juarez two or three times a week to party. Across the old bridge, one block over to the right and then south to the end of the XXX bars to a nightclub owned by Jimmy Dean. Bought a couple of his LPs but don't have them anymore. Life is rough on the things one accumulates early on! Another sweet reminder came from Less Junk More Journey. They posted a snapshot of Marissa in front of a life sized bronze of three colts outside of the train station in Durango , Colo. It was sculpted by my second wife, Joyce after we parted company. She was one outstanding artistic soul! Question to Kait: How're the Chinese lessons coming? I have to laugh every time I think about someone have to relearn her native language. People who sit still never have to do that, you know….. Keep moving!

  4. Don’t usually comment but wanted to say how thorough and chocked full of great info your videos contain. You guys put a lot of effort into covering so many aspects of on the road living so thank you and Kait you look awesome with your new hairdo 👍🕊

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