“MY STOCK DROPPED 20%” 😱 (what to do)

If you are an individual stock investor, at some point you will experience this! You buy a stock, the stock crashes and you are down 20% or more! Here are your …


  1. I bought SQ before this fucking sellout and bam the fucking market bloodbath hit and Sq drop from $99 to $70 like wtf. Sold out . Loss $46,000. Fuck my life .. lol

  2. my Mattel is still 50% off and the bad news jus keep pilling. was thinking of waiting this very last earnings report and forecast coming out nex month and if its not a good forecast. will withdraw maybe better bet on crytop currency cos why not?

  3. i bought Teva 2 years ago. still recovering from the hit. i have been leveraging the stocks till a point that i dont have enough extras to bet it on. currently still 35% way to recover. hopefully something will happen. currrently most of my extras goes to other stocks. im off with leveraging teva. but still a good stock toh. maybe another 3 to 4 years?

  4. my process is simple
    1. calculate what the price of the stock would be if the negative news was true.
    2. sell a put for the stock at that price
    3. wait

    Either the news is not true in which case i get the put premium for free.

    or i am "forced" to buy the stock at a discount (strike price-premium)

  5. I love how you've probably never experienced a bear market and have definitely never experienced a stock market bubble, yet speak so confidently about handling one. When you have lost 70% of your wealth, you'll feel the despair and hopelessness. Remember, 1929 to 1954, that's how long it took the Dow Jones to recover from the 1929 crash and the great depression which followed. March 2000 to January 2017, that's how long it took the Nasdaq to recover from the dot-com bubble. I believe we are in a massive stock market bubble, that the 2008 crash should have been a deflationary depression just like 1929 to 1933, but the Federal Reserve bought everyone another chance to get their money out via accommodative monetary policy and QE. They have no more tools left now, trying to reduce their balance sheet and raise interest rates to get ready to do it all over again (re-inflate the bubbles), but they're just getting started and we're already seeing the results. The demographics are god awful. Productivity is abysmal. Debt is out of control.

    The Fed is out of tools. Everyone is a genius in a bull market. Good luck.

    On a more constructive point, you should look into hedging with puts, and consider not always going long, instead, start looking for short opportunities. GE could be a total trainwreck, especially if the overall market bubble pops. JD.com I like as well 🙂 but again the sentiment towards China is horribly bearish. Worth investing, but get some puts for sanity's sake!

  6. I short this stuff. Buy gold miners like ABX. Dollar cost averaging is just throwing good money after bad at the start of a bear market. The rally in the spy was on low volume. Classic bear trap. Time to get short the money will be made on the short end now.

  7. I can't take anyone seriously that can't even grow facial hair…

    Complete rookie. Staying the course is the worse thing to do during a long term collapse.

    Kid there's another rate hike happening in December…flash crashes are going to continue…and a massive dumb in the coming months.

    It's best to get out and sit on the sidelines to get back in during accumulation period next year.

    Your tripping. How old were you in 2007/2008…lol

  8. I feel like a shopaholic in January sales, but so little cash left to buy with! Also, if rumours are true that Chinese are selling USA company stocks to hurt Americans, who knows how much do they have left to sell and how low it will go! I am hoping that some of the losses will be recovered in upcoming earnings season (X-mas) and I can exit some of the companies that was affected the most by this wave of correction without big losses. Potentially re-investing in more defensive shares or expanding the weight on shares that I hold and that was not so phased about the market move and recovered quickly. Loving MCdonalds at the moment. Bought in July and still in profit after correction. I am also considering buying Microsoft at the correction price (or catching a falling knife?), they own LinkdIn which is becoming more popular with 2 new subscribers every second as well as makes a good long term investment due to quantum computing research they are doing… Dunno, it is only a whish-list and I am an experimental investor with no qualifications to recommend anything.

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