A new season in my life has arrived sis! Find out about why and how I quit my TOXIC job, my recent trip to Cuba and navigating as a vegan traveler and more!


  1. Congrats on your new job. I am also in the process of looking for another job. Q: I hope you were vested with your government job, to secure health benefits when you get older. Listen the cost Obamacare is no joke.

  2. Congrats on new job!!

    What about groceries in Cuba? Did you consider or find any?

    I hate when people offer me salad when I tell them I don’t eat meat….

    Drone!!! Nice
    Yes to tech video!!

    Agree God has good timing and opportunities!

    You already know we want a long video on that Amazing look!!

  3. I went to Cuba a few years ago and I didn't have trouble with vegetarian or vegan food, but it was very repetitious. I was there for 6 weeks, and the way food scarcity is set up… I ate a lot of fruit, a lot of fruit juice, a lot of black beans and rice, a lot of plantains. Also some bomb spaghetti.

  4. I'm in the process for applying for civil service with my city. I'm hesitant because although I enjoy my current job but hate the people, it's been five years since graduating from college in engineering and I'm not even sure if I can or want to do it. I'm just hoping for something that makes sense to come my way so that I can feel the least bit better in my situation.

  5. Jasmine, you are amazing and I love your channel—but I have to say, hearing you say that you don't like it when people speak a different language around you was not only surprising, but disappointing. We, as minorites, should NEVERRRR be close-minded toward other minorites and/or immigrants that are continuously having to mold and strip their authentic selves to be accepted into the white dominant American society.

  6. You look SO refreshed sis! Congrats to you!!!
    I’m so glad to hear someone else say what I’ve been saying (and venting to my family about)! I too work for a branch of the government, and am soooo so drained! While I’m BLESSED to be gainfully and securely employed with great pay and benefits, the environment is VERY toxic, stressful, lopsided, and also (covertly) racists. Fortunately, I’m currently working remotely due to health reasons (God’s intersession), and trying to figure out my next move. Thank you for your video!! God always intercedes and speaks when I need him. Prayers for your continued growth and happiness 🙏🏾

  7. Hey Jasmine,
    I'm starting a channel soon and my biggest hurdle is tech. I'll be recording with my phone and I have no idea what to use for editing or how to sync audio to video. Help!

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