Legal Weed: The Great Social Experiment

On November 6, 2012, Colorado voters passed Amendment 64. Two years later, recreational marijuana was legal. “No other state had ever done [this] before,” …


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  2. What Parent would take there kid to a Hospital after they ate there Pot Candy? You know it wont hurt them and they cant die, give them a Bob Marley Album and some Munchies and Time they will be fine

  3. Sorry but this is a stupid thing to call "a great social experiment." When you have alcohol sold everywhere, pretending that marijuana is a big deal is ridiculous. "Oh, but the kids got into packets of edibles, and ended up in the hospital?" In the hospital for what? Feeling weird? Kids get into hard liquor and they end up in the MORGUE, and sometimes they bring random people with them from the highway.

    Come on.

  4. New social experiment: America discontinues it's creepy goal of becoming North America's version of Afghanistan and instead, strive to be more like Canada?

  5. Kids ending up in the emergency room because they ate some of their parents edibles?

    Just let the kids wait it out and they’ll be good to go, it isn’t possible for them to overdose on marijuana. Although, it is a good idea to have child-proof containers.

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