1. This is the beginning of the end for Canada. Their youth will get easier access to weed, the 19 year old brain has not fully grown, they will damage their brains and it is permanent, there is no reversing the brain and lung damage. The social medicine will go broke. No medical professional disagrees that smoking weed is bad for teens and my conclusion is the only logical result. Stupid Canadians. Bunch of drug addicts.

  2. Canada soon will need much more home funerals.
    You will have much more deaths by accidents on the roads than ever before.
    Also many people will switch from marijuana to other drugs too,so you forget to mention the grow industry of home funerals.

  3. Who wants to visit a country full of drug users like Canada?!
    First is going to be very risky to drive there.
    Also many places like supermarkets,restaurants,….etc will smell that very bad smell of marijuana.
    I don't want my kids to grow in a country like it,full of morans.

  4. Don't forget legal to grow it too, that's the most important part!! 4 plants per household!!! – Just not in Manitoba and Quebec but who cares we're in Ontario suck to be them!!!! Ahaha

  5. These Cannabis  Laws are going to make the Politicians RICH, who have invested in the Monopoly this CRIMINAL Government created for themselves and their White Collar Criminal Friends … Bill Blair and Julian Fantino are just a few names on the List… The website is Terrible and the pricing is ridiculous … This was just the Governments way to Please Big PHARMA because the Government is making sure Cannabis isn't accessible and instead of Promoting Cannabis; they have created a Deterrent and the Word "Recreational" is the disguise, because cannabis as Medicine can Cure Cancer … BiG Pharma can not afford a Cure for Cancer

  6. bs france 24 you say bust ………….. wow guy wow marijuana in canada will be and is # 1 in the world … i bet many others will get on board to make big $$$$$$$ and help people ……….. try some people it will not kill you it will help you in life …. and have some fun to spice up your life …420 time .

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