Is Canada ready for legal weed? | Power & Politics

One month before the legalization of cannabis, is Canada ready for the change? Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair talks to …


  1. No. You guys don't have enough in stock to supply Canada

    JK I ordered enough for a sample and a satisfying bit of variety to do me for a while and actually there is still some cool stuff I would buy if it got down to it. I won't need any for about 3 weeks or a month, but I am watching the OCS supply stock to see what disappears and goes from 8 pgs of stock, dried flower, down to 4 and how long it takes them to get it back up to 8+.

    Right off the bat some people went nuts about bought 10-30g, some people bought a few g, but we drained it at the same time. It'll be cool when we get back to a more stable inventory where there's always plenty to choose from.

  2. Weed dui should be simple. No burning weed at all, just like booze. Passenger gets equivocation of an “open container”. For the driver specifically there should be no reason for burnt weed to be within reach of the driver.

  3. Honestly seeing the way it is being "legalized" is total trash and innapropriate.
    First off it should never have been illegal.
    Second it is being set up so only big pharma companies have the right to sell it.
    Also medical companies are cutting off their patients.

  4. I'll still be buying it from the illegal growers because the legal weed stores will charge like $250 per ounce or more. I'll buy the legal weed when the price is $100 or less for a ounce.

  5. pot is not similar to alcohol. it does not act on the brain in any similar way. Impairment is a lie and just another way for the government to interfere. Stop people who are actually impaired as indicated by their driving.

  6. All legal drugs do not make you think introspectively, but cannabis altered consciousness and makes you question the rules of the game. Sometimes you start questioning existence and the universe in a more profound sense. Alcohol numbs you and makes you stop thinking thats why people drink to forget about themselves. Cannabis show you who you really are .

  7. A more appropriate title for the CBC (Government funded news outlet) would be more along the lines of…
    "Is the Canada government ready to take over the black market of weed yet?" The answer is and will always be no.

  8. Weed is NOT harmless. It lowers your sperm count and causes chronic sterililty. The smoke relaeses as much toxins and carcenagens as cigarette smoke, it causes permanent lung damage and bronchitis. It causes work place accidents to soar 85% and destroys academic progress. Plus, murderous drug cartels can legitimately finance all there other illegal activities.

  9. The fact-free anti-pot fear-mongering of CBC has shown they don't care about informing Canadians, they care about scaring them because fear gets more clicks. Shameless hacks. Everyone who works at CBC deserves to be homeless.

  10. We must protect the Children from Cannabis as it is in a system that doesnt work! We will leave Hash, Shatter & Edibles in that system because it is too potent. Go figure

  11. Hi to all my Canadian friends. Did you guys also receive a flyer from the Federal Government called The Cannabis Act, Here's what you need to know / La Loi sur le cannabis? lol I still can't believe I'm holding something like this.

  12. First, It is great that weed will be no more menacing then a lighter when found in a pocket but when will the LCBO be selling it or where can I buy it direct to taxes. I am very much interested in buying the cannabis without the culture

  13. Its not uncharted waters, people have been getting high for years.

    the only thing that might go unsmoothly. is Canadas draconian new laws, only in Canada!

    The only difference is now, users can have it delivered to their door, and dont have to fear for their freedom.

  14. Cannabis is not a big deal in my opinion, all tho the stigma seems to be. This might have a big impact on the alcohol industries, people might also start using cannabis like coffee haha. All just guesswork but im definatly curious to see how it goes and will the other countries follow soon if this indeed goes as well as predicted. 👍

  15. This is the biggest nonsense ever, so the legalization of weed will only make some people happy but it will be taking away humanity right of the people. Now the cops have the right to harass you at all times. Who do you think the will be harassing. The problem with most lawmakers make laws that dont effect them. Open your eyes all the money ends back in the government hands, money from selling, tickets and the court system. They same people who have legalized weed is the same people that will put you on jail…


  17. Cheech and chong comment and this adult is a Canadian politician? Canada I thought diversity is your strength? so you are saying Canada discriminates against Mexicans and Asians?

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