1. So far I've tried 5 different cbd companies. Jus this morning I started taking the bluebird Botanicals, 6th cbd company, this one being recommended by u! Here's hoping for good results! 💪🏻😁👍🏻

  2. why would anyone consult an MD for a natural product. They aren't educated in the Marijuana plant anymore than any of us are. They are only educated in synthetic medicines. That was such weird advice

  3. I got weed tincture before, it worked on my chronic spine pain very well. I can't get weed tincture anymore from Silk Road. Can you tell me if this CBD will work as well for me, pain wise, as weed tincture did? I have to ask before I purchase. I have been taken so many times by scams taking advantage of my pain. Weed not legal in my state. Thank you

  4. Have you ever tried Ravana Organics? I talked to a Lady from nuleaf and was instantly told it was the best product out there. 725mg, .5oz bottle for $99, I proceeded to explain I could purchase 750ml, 1oz bottle from Ravana Organics for $65. When I asked her if Nuleaf was better she said yes, I then asked her if she had tried Ravana Organics and she said " her dr had tried them all and this is the best out there. Why does everyone tell me there product is the best there is????? I guess until I find a better product im sticking with what I know. It has all the 4 points you said in this video. Thanks

  5. Hope your doctor does not reduce your meds cause they think you are an addict. Drs seem to be really ignorant and have a hugely negative opinion of anything related to MJ.

  6. Great info ! Thank you !
    A lot of people are piggy backing on the CBD train….but you know who was the first one . not many people know how to get a CBD product. You get it all right, the problem with the flower and the seed is that it is ilegal to grow it and ship out of state. Did you know that?

  7. Hemp still grows wild in NW Missouri. I've seen endless fields of it. It was such a prolific growing weed it blew in from the fields at times and could be seen growing on street corners. Near downtown! Saint Joseph, Missouri. WWII mandated Missouri Farmers to grow it and they grew millions of tons of it. So much they couldn't eradicate it after it once agains became illegal. Yes the majority was destroyed. But whole fields still exist. Other places countless isolated patches of it grow. We've always called it "ditch weed" and ran through fields of it as kids before we knew what it was. Hemp plants in Missouri can grow 14 feet high, almost like a small tree.

  8. @2:22 Sorry but ZERO CBD comes from hemp seeds (not very little but none, zero, ziltch, nada, nope)…there is absolutely no CBD produced in the seeds of the hemp plant. I'm not sure where you are getting your information from???

  9. Hi, I have just bought CBD made by a company called "Improve me'.  It states that… 10 drops provides a total of 500mg of Cannabis Sativa L, of which 25mg is pure CBD.  No idea what that means in terms of quality, potency dosage etc.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thank you x

  10. I was in the hospital for 10 months 5 years ago with multiple myeloma – bone marrow cancer. It crushed 3 vertebrae and I was paralyzed for 6 months. I've had a lot of nerve pain since then and have been on methadone and other pain meds. I was sick of being zoned out all of the time. The doctor switched me to nucynta which helped me not feel like a zombie and I was trying to cut back from 4 a day. I've been on hemp oil through PrimeMyBody for about a month now. There are days I still need 2 or 3 pills like when I take my 3 little granddaughters shopping but now there are days like yesterday when I didn't take anything but Excedrin. I'm so much a true believer that I now sell the product at Giftofgod.primemybody.com.

  11. Thanks for another great video CBD School! I've been asked where to find a good brand of CBD hemp Flower for smoking? As great as the oils and Vape juices are, smokers here in the UK are looking for a high CBD quality bud/flower(withing THC Legal Guidelines – Below 2%) that can be used in Pipes, Bongs, Vaporizers and Rolling? Any thoughts? International Delivery as standard 🙂 Many thanks! Peace and CFL

  12. I dont get it, Blue Bird says " our hemp extracts contain over 80 different phyto-cannabinoids, including CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, CBN and many others " then you look a the potency lab report and it only has one, CBD .88% https://bluebirdbotanicals.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/BLUEBIRD-BOTANICALS-189-Potency.pdf
    then the report says is small grey letters at bottom "Total Cannabinoids result reflects the absolute sum of all cannabinoids detected" but it shows the other types on the report as Zero, could they make this anymore more confusing.

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