How My Body Reacted To Taking CBD Oil For 30 days

I have taken CBD oil for 30 days straight, and how my body has reacted has been pretty amazing. From healing my adrenal fatigue to decreasing anxiety, …


  1. You test one supplement at a time. What is the joint supplement you are taking along with CBD? Maybe the inflammation is coming down with that supplement. I would like to know the name of that supplement. Thanks

  2. I've gone through a complete week with CBD, and I'm completely blown away. I deal with quite a bit of anxiety, which would cause me to spend almost every day exhausting myself fighting my thoughts, or failing and dwelling on them. This has been the calmest week I've had in such a long time. Invasive thoughts come in, but then just pass along. I'd say this is the first week in which I've felt just… normal. It's something truly wonderful to feel.

  3. Most CBD from hemp has not "had the THC removed". It is grown and standardized so that it contains 3% or less. Some CBD has been further processed to remove all THC but most people feel the (even slight 3%) is what gives it more benefits. 3% or less THC content in CBD oil is legal in the USA.

  4. I have serious nerve and chronic pain I need help wat will b the best kind for my pain doctors are really getting to the point of being no help at all help plz.

  5. As a patient of Sarcoidosis I have tried cbd oil. It does relieve some pain but I could not get the adjustment right.Ā  My sarcoidosis started in my lymphatics wiping out any immunity I may have had and it moved into form more granulation tissue between my nerve, nerve sheaths and fascia within my body. I now have latent fibrosis and granulations in my lungs just waiting for a day to attack me. So far I am still living. I cannot find in the states a good oil.Ā  I have stopped many of my meds that caused so many problems for a little comfort.Ā  So far I still have severe pain constantly but I have learned to live with it.Ā  The killer is…if I have additional pain to my already just tolerable level it just shuts me down.Ā  The old saying" the straw that broke the camels back" I sure would lie to check the mailbox and this to be in it…ā€¦.Thanks

  6. Petrena, This is the first, I heard of cbd oil, is this addictive? I have a few friends who might be interested that have pain in there life, and there are some who view life in a negative way, they find fault in even a perfect day : ). Hello Andrew, I have been watching "the wild north" for a very long time :)…And I take a peek at "the wild yam" too :).

  7. Thanks for sharing! It is a timely topic for me. In Ontario, marijuana will itself be legalized in October. There will be tight regulations of course. This means more access to people who need it for medical reasons (pain relief/nausea/appetite stimulant) which is a good thing. One caution with CBD products–regulation of the products, for now, isn't great so some brands may not have enough of the active cannabinoids as advertised in the bottle. Hopefully with regulation (in Ontario) our medical marijuana production plant (in Smith's falls) and others will provide products (with THC and without) that are tested, have proven concentrations of advertised ingredients, and will be safe for all to use for medical reasons. It is an exciting time as I believe there are lots of benefits of CBD oil but we just need good scientific data in humans and animals to prove that it works for all its purported benefits.

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