How I Was Wrong About Canadian Marijuana Stocks

Going back and looking at some of the mistakes that I made when making predictions about some of these stocks back in mid 2017. Mostly at how I …


  1. How about you post a video about the recent 52wk highs of top 4 Canadian mj stocks & correction as an opportunity. We all heard the sad stories of those who passed on dotcom boom, only to watch the top stocks continue higher and higher. Now is the time to buy the dips of the leaders in the sector. Do what you want, but trust me NO ONE cares you missed the first wave higher. The question you need to ask yourself is simple. Are "YOU" going to wish you'd bought AURORA at 8, only to see it at 80 in 5 years.

  2. Yes also Canadian Canopy Growth Corp has obtained the marijuana smoking rapper Snoop Dogg to launch his marijuana product line. This stock is going to keep soaring…

  3. You're so wrong and you can't even quote the correct stake of Constellation Brands of 10%. Anyone that was watching the sector knew the exact equity investment and you kept stuttering 13% and making up random numbers. Way to loose what little credibility you had, when you can't even quote the right numbers that take 2 seconds on Google to produce.

  4. Aloha and TY for the time you spend sharing your insights. Whether intentional or not your part of a community. And as such, helping to bring value to it. We all benefit from each others research and honest assessments. So please continue your good work. Mahalo

  5. I believe one stock to watch in the sector is Abattis ATT.CN which is more on the back end providing services such as inspection extraction etc. for the large marijuana companies. It’s currently trading at $.25 a share and I believe could be a money maker. Your opinion on this one would be appreciated as well.

  6. I think that you were dead on when you say nobody is investing in these stocks using any fundamentals. My strategy has been to pull out profits on all marijuana stocks as I’m going along to minimize my risk. My feeling at this point December 12 is to keep a lower dollar value in these marijuana stocks especially aurora canopy and Aphria. My gut tells me there will be a correction before legalization, however I could be wrong but I’ve made some pretty good money so I don’t care at this point. All that said it would be great if all of these different marijuana companies stock values were in the $20 + share values in the next few years. IMHO

  7. fundamentals are very easily over looked right now. this is why GLH struggles to make any considerable headway with their share price. I think until maybe a year into cannabis being legal, the only thing that may matter in fundamentals will be debt and how the company plans to pay off this debt or pay for future growth. no one cares about how much money they're making now, it's all about the size of their production and future profits.

    btw, Constellation Brands buying into Canopy and Aphria making the deal with Shoppers Drug Mart just the other day, makes the whole market a lot more legit for the average person and for the veteran investor. now people are thinking, ok deal with Rexall, deal with london drugs…who's next? etc"
    this did happen a little sooner than a lot of people had thought.

  8. Thanks for the video.
    I appreciate all your analysis of previous videos. Your acb video helped me buy the stock a few months ago!!

    Though I would of bought more of otherMJ stocks but I listened to your advice that the stocks may be flat until end of this year haha.

    anyway your fundamental analysis is the best I've seen on YouTube. It really helped me understand these companies as new investor to the stock market.

    Thank you very much and keep up the hard work.


  9. You didn't need to make this video. Anyone that knows anything at all about this sector understands what has happened over the last few months, and how uterly impossible it would have been to predict it. If it weren't, we'd ALL be paper millionaires right now!

    Keep it up. We all appreciate the work you're putting in here.

  10. Thanks for the video.
    I don't know of any videos or information out there discussing the possible peak prices of what cannabis stocks could reach. Even an educated guess, such as how expensive could Canopy growth go?
    Also why do you say you're not sure what will happen to the prices after the legalization?

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