Food & Water Feeding Cannabis

At Flowering Stage – How often do I feed or water ? How much food should I feed them ? Rooting clones , need transplanting and food ? It’s all happening in the …


  1. Hello Mr John, just a couple of questions, now at that time " I mean 15/11/2018 " what's to grow "i mean what stag of marijuana ", i (HOPE) you answer me
    PS: i forgot the other question cause i have enjoyed 1 joint of (ninja frout) haha haha 😂,bye Mr

  2. John I'm hoping you or some of your viewers can help me. I'm growing my second plant and it seems I have a mutant or something. I have fan leaves that are starting to bud where all the leaves intersect. I'm about 4 weeks into flower. Should I just let it go or should I cut off fan leaves that are showing this mutation. If you like I can take a pic and try to get it to you for your opinion. This strain of seeds that I bought said it was a hybrid, the first plant I grew looked like a pure indica but this one looks more like a sativa. Wondering if you have seen this before and what action I should take

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