1. Dude thank you so much. My wife really needed her cartridge to sleep and money is tight you know so I couldn't just buy another one. This worked perfectly! Wife is sleeping like a champ now.

  2. I don't know if this will be of any help to anyone. I have a 510 threaded Ego-T that would blink 10 times. I connected it to the charger and it would light green as if it were at a full charge. Take a plain Q-Tip and just clean up both connections on your battery and on your charger as well. It appears that my battery was just dead and nothing was wrong with it at all. Nothing was wrong with my cartridge either. May save money and a lot of time trying to troubleshoot.

  3. this shit works yall! I jus saved not 1 but Tewww cartriages. he doesn't show the wire part but its easy asf jus get tweezers and pull back the white rubber back and mess around with the two wires and try to pull it and if still doesn't work redo the wires, move them to a different position, or do what he did, I thought my vape was broke, glooks on this vid bruh.

  4. Can you give/show so more specific detailed instructions. Could you do like a play-by-play. I’m literally having the same exact issue and I am extremely frustrated 😐

  5. dude youre the only person in all of youtube who helped me fix my problem. i had the exact same problem. Put the little wire in between the pin and rubber and now my pen is back to life. thank you so much🙌🏽

  6. Oh snap!! Been staring at a full unused cartridge for a week thinking i got stuck with damaged goods!! Video helped plus pen side pin needed adjustment on mine thanks!!

  7. I finally fixed my cartridge! Thank you so much..I looked at a old cartridge I had and noticed one of my wires wasn't making contact with the part of the cartridges that connects to the pen.. Works great now..I have a lot of friends that have full non working cartridges , now I can spread the knowledge ✌good karma.

  8. I have three cartridges, one was working, and two that never worked. I looked all these options. The battery is not flashing like there is a bad connection but no draw. Then I flipped them over and the wicks don’t look brown or unlike others that I have…I did get a new battery that has power options and the one that worked and now doesn’t was used on it. I have even lifted the little silver wire. Nothing. And I have three tubes, I really would love to literally burn the money not waste! Help!

  9. Wow, you gotta be one clever MF to figure this out, props to you for that. The video was a little unclear as to what wire is going where(maybe do one where we can watch you do it for visual learners like myself?), but I was able to figure out what you were getting at and get my vape fixed, so much thanks bro.

    FYI: In my case I had to remove the pin and rubber washer, find the little wire lead and pull it towards the middle, re-insert rubber washer so the wire was inside it, then replace the pin(or nipple/valve/whatever) inside the rubber washer so the wire is wedged between rubber and inner metal pin.

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