Driving high: Investigating police tests for stoned drivers (The Investigators with Diana Swain)

Driving while high. When the police stop drivers they think are stoned on pot, are the road tests reliable? Inside an investigation by The Fifth Estate. Watch the …


  1. Sweet officer Mark Lofton on way more steroids you're screwed good luck paying rent and getting to work you automatically loose job mad Canada gives prizes to police. there used to be a deterrent to crime it was police presence what we have now is hide, spy and capture Revenue and indoctrination to the legal you're going to have to pay system police officers seen usually means no as the Irish say no Shenanigans.

  2. Why all of a sudden do they care? is it because they need to front? to be honest if I'm driving high I'm not going to be stopped. it's only at a ride program that they might notice. if you smell it you ask. if they don't smell it your fine. by time they figure out how to properly show it it's going to be to late to care.

  3. Worst part is there's insufficient evidence about how impared weed makes your driving. To be fair, this is because it was an illegal substance, making it hard to study. But it means people will be arrested for something that hasn't been tested scientifically.

  4. The best system we have should be most willing to revaluate through asking questions, redesign in accordance to what's allowed to be discussed, and repaired to evolve away from otherwise hammer/nail previous approach. Making roadways safer, should include keeping the costs of newer proximity sensors affordable to the automotive industry. In the name of revising safety standards, there should be corporate tax incentives offered to those making meaningful advancements with self driving cars.

  5. hope that includes "big pharma" drugs.
    which have a far "higher" range of side effects than marijuana.

    nice try….but i can see a few "sheeple" falling for this crap.

  6. This man's whole premise is incorrect. If you've used any marijuana your motor skills are impaired because that's what the drug does, it slows down information pathways between your body and brain. The question is HOW impaired is too impaired to drive?

  7. People have been driving after smoking marijuana for 50 years with no problems. Authorities are now trying to find some way to say that driving after consuming marijuana is a problem just because it's now going to be legalized. It's not a problem. Stop trying to make it a problem.

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