Cynthia Calvillo Gives Her Side Following Failed Marijuana Test, Says She Lost Sponsor Over It

Cynthia Calvillo speaks to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour about her failed marijuana test, her NSAC suspension, where she goes next from here, and more.


  1. She lost her sponsor because she acted like a lunatic after she lost her last fight that she clearly did in fact lose but she is just another one of the Team Alpha Man crybabies

  2. She acted irrational, crazy, disillusion and belligerent in the octagon after the fight with Carla Esparza. She is an advert for the reason not to use weed and that weed damages the mind. Even this interview it's 23 minutes of repeating the same answers over and over.

  3. oh Karate hottie, that wouldve been a great fight, I need someone to relax, let the smokers & dopers fight..theyre a different breed, they need extra enhancements & pain relievers,
    let it ride you fvks

  4. I can't believe how fighters and athletes all over the world ruining their careers using drugs. It doesn't matter if it's legal and not so lethal like opioids and stuff but it affects your mind and performance. How can you smoke weed in a fight week? How dumb you must be to do so? Okay, if you are not active do whatever you want to do but if you compete at the highest level you are not supposed to using it! Just sayin`.

  5. Weed is not a performance enhancing drug… I really dont understand why they insist on making it a big deal. There is no "edge" smoking herb will give you in a fight. If anything it might make your reaction times worse when you are fighting. Seems ridiculous

  6. cynthia deserves every month of her sentence. It doesn't matter if she can legally smoke it. It is a banned substance. This is such flawed logic. You can also legally purchase trenabol in supplements but under USADA's Anti-Doping Plan it is declared a banned substance.

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