1. Please be discerning with any information coming from an entity, whether non-physical or otherwise. What works for one person might not for another. Caffeine does have its health benefits and gives relief or enjoyment to many.

  2. That was really fascinating!
    I thoroughly enjoy coffee first thing in the morning although some mornings it does feel too strong on my organs.
    I would appreciate any suggestions from other coffee lovers that have found a satisfying substitute to coffee. Thank you in advance๐Ÿ™

  3. How come you will not address this issue of the Demonic attacks?????????????????????????????
    What's really happening here is That the Demons are sucking our energies that is why we are continuously tired and need coffee and other stimulants and drugs to feel better.
    I make a deal with you Ananda and Jesus if that is really who you are.
    I doubt it.
    You remove ALL poisons from our environment on the template level, and restore 100% of the nutrition in our food.
    Than I will stop using these medicines that help me to feel better from the poisoning and irritation that is in us constantly.
    It is very suspicious that you will not address the Demonic influence and keep blaming us for not being strong enough in many areas.

  4. OMG this is a question I have had but I knew the answer.,,,, this validates my intuitive sense, but there is a lot of additional very good info in here to help us wake up to unconscious controls. this is awesome thank you so much !!!!!! xxoxoxoxoxxo

  5. I never knew why I liked tea so much. I drink Chamomile now, but I still like the warm sensation of the cup and the hotness when I drink it. Now I know why though. I think every person in western society self medicates with something.

  6. Tina, this is a great topic, coffee is definitely a negative pranic food for those that understand the concept of prana. Part of the problems on the planet given graciously to us is our treatment of it and it's inhabitants.

  7. I was inspired to stop using these substances, especially coffee for the reasons you stated. Coffee is very often used from a perspective of lack (as in, Iโ€™m not good enough or donโ€™t function well without it). I will have a cup of tea on a rare occasion, but I always ask myself โ€˜why?โ€™ as I know it influences my frequency. The same goes for chocolate, and foods that are too oily or salty as they have a similar effect. (Thereโ€™s an interesting video about salt and oil in our food, called The Pleasure Trap, I will reference it in a reply if I find it)

  8. I felt this deep down about both coffee and cannabis. I know when I'm soothing a troubled mind and ignoring the feedback that tells me the caffeine, sugar, or even cannabinoids, only seem better to me than examining the feelings I'm having. Thank you, this is helpful encouragement.

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