Breaking News: Aurora Cannabis Completes Distribution of Australis Capital (AUSA) (AUSA.WT) πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸš€

Breaking News: Aurora Cannabis Completes Distribution of Australis Capital (AUSA) (AUSA.WT) – RICH TV LIVE – September 19, 2018 – EDMONTON, …


  1. CBWTF and FSDDF thanks to Rich I got them at $0.86 and $0.22 – WooHoo!!! Its true I found Rich and now I'm green too!!!!! Oh, that's another video

  2. can u explain why aurora did this with australis? I understand the distribution and everything but Idk what is the point of this. My knowledge is limited, thank you

  3. Im out of these big caps until the sector stabilizes and shows clarity. Went into small cap stocks that are within the sector with good charts. Im in RSHN right now, which is a CBD beverage company. The chart is a bull flag on the WEEKLY chart, tight on the daily, 30 min chart is a bull flag. Break out is imminent in my opinion since the US is suppose to vote and pass the farm bill by the 30th of this month and the hemp bill is included in the farm bill (which passed the senate by a landslide 86-11). Huge upside with this stock and its in a bullish pattern on the longer term time frame

  4. Told you I'd make a second account just to give you a second like on each of your videos. Quick questions ACBFF is red right now. Should I wait until tomorrow I have an open order for 651 shares at $7.70. Is this a good deal or should I lower the price. ACBFF will be the first stock I buy in my life. Can you also give advise on the top 5 stocks I should be looking at closely?

  5. I’m new here and learning how to invest and would like to know if you have a video on how to manipulate and how to personalize it and set up my watch list. Your videos are very informative and inspiring. I’m glad i found your channel.

  6. Rich
    FYI only : issue I mention people should be aware of Fidelity charges $50 for most of Canada stock
    $50 purchase
    $5.00 normal charge
    $50 sell down road
    So through Fidelity expect $105.00 round trip for Canada stock via Fidelity πŸ™

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