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  2. Hey Man, love your videos! I'm going to be harvesting my Gelato Wednesday. I ate a couple of the sugar leaves last Friday morning and Man l got HIGH! First time I've ever done that. Keep up the Great work Brother!

  3. Some Donks Bro congratsbut looks like you should have let them go another 2 weeks Bubba. That Blue dream is Fire when done the way you did it with those incredible organic teas so you'll be super stoked still but it still had a bunch of white hairs and the trichomes will sometimes turn a little amber but it's still not finished. Those colas would have filled out a but more and gotten even heavier had you took them another 10 -14days I go till Oct 30 – Nov 15 final pull usually but ya bro dont get too impatient you gotta hold off just a little more. They would give you even more smell and stronger high. I grow in S. Oregon and Norcal near Shasta but ya I can see all those white hairs you could have gotten another 15-20% more weight and quality. Probably why the Peyote cookies wasnt as good is it was a bad phenotype someone chose but that happens. I can tell your strawberry banana is a different cut then I had. Mine were banana Og dominant very shaggy looking.

  4. Nice frikin plants dude, I luv the Blue Dream, heavy dense buds, very potent energetic high, awesome smell and taste and non harsh mild smoke. The bag appeal of these large buds is insane. It's my new fav strain. I just harvested a big AK-48 yesterday, its my fav also. But for high yields, I wud grow Blue Dream exclusively. Let's grow. Rando

  5. Just finished my first year. my dad gave me a cheese quake, querkle and deep purple. Cheese quake is the funkiest plant I have ever smelled. reminded me of the cat piss from back in the day. anyways great job man! good luck with all the drying.

  6. whats up bud I just watched your video of the blue dream harvest because I just happened to take my blue dream girls down last night lol amazing  nothing like yours size wise but same structure and smells and colours lol im in northern Ontario Canada

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