1. Question regarding the aluminum. If you can genetically modify a plant to survive in a Roundup-rich environment, could a plant then be genetically modified to survive in an aluminum-saturated environment?

  2. I have seen three or four of these now and always look forward to finding out what's new at the Festival. Sometimes you should let the people on the stalls behind you say something as it looks weird ignoring them on camera. Though I know in reality you talked with them when you went around beforehand. The lady running in and kissing you was hilarious. To prevent further incidents of this kind you could let them speak LOL. I hope you will take this as constructive criticism from a viewer who enjoys your channel and values what you do very much.

  3. About watermelons:
    I practice martial arts and so I watch a lot of Chinese movies. There is a movie or two in which I have seen watermelons grown in China that are huge. I mean like 4 feet plus long and two people to pick it up. How about that for a variety?

  4. I introduced a group of fungi that are edible; it is winecap mushrooms soon to be harvested. So about dr zymes, when do we use a fungicide after having spread a fungal dominated compost in the garden?

    Again a Great video, thanks John!

  5. You're such an inspiration since I started watching your videos a while ago I start the process of getting fruit trees only to our backyard In its get in there I'm in the hunt for a fruit salad tree The one carry more than 4 or 5 different fruits and one tree I have one of them carry plum abricot page about 5 different Fruit on it I have Fig tree mango Have a avocado persimmon pashioned And pear tree

  6. John….. you are green beast!
    Have you done a video on certain plant root systems versus the size of grow pot they are in before final transplant? I've noticed that some seed roots shoot straight down several inches before growing laterally. I've used deeper seed starting pots and more shallow ones. It seems to effect plant growth the same as the distance of the grow light from the top of the seedling bed.
    Higher grow light = forces the young plant to stretch out too quick and create weak spots in the stem.
    Does deeper soil (from seed plant) cause the root to shoot down too quickly and create a weak root base?
    I would think that forcing the root to grow down but also expand out at the same time would be the best option but I'm still a rookie.

  7. So weird about this Aluminum, Al. Some years ago on my way to the Technical University, I met this lady on the train, who mentioned she was doing some research on Alzheimers and Al, after I told her about this guy I know, returning from England – he dumped all their pot and pans made from Aluminium, even the beloved Tutti Frutti machine for juices … she said Alzheimers really had nothing to do with Al. Really? πŸ€”

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