Today we discuss why I trade pharmaceutical penny stocks and we also review the stocks that I gave you to buy in march 2018. Trading pharmaceutical penny …


  1. I have seen stocks plummet on good news because because the float was tied up with bagholders. Price went up in premarket and as soon as the market opened bagholders dumped there shares on the open market trying to get out the stock. This is where understanding technicals, supply and demand becomes crucial so you can predict what a stock likely to do on a more in depth aspect than just good news.

  2. I enjoy your videos but bruh….. your are misinformed about technical trading. I'm making 15 to 20% at the minimum just trading stocks bouncing from being sold off. Sometimes they bounce and rip all day and I make 60 to 80% percent. And you do not mention anything on risk management.

  3. Well if you trade penny stocks I’m sure you know about the 2.50 rule so how you going to short $20000 worth of shares when you have to have $2.50 for every show you a trait that is less than $2.50 in value
    So for me to Short $20,000 worth of share in this video let’s say the stock is a dollar at that time if I’m gonna Short 20,000 shares I need to have $50,000 in my bank account i’m sure if you’re short stocks you know about that

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  5. no frozen food! lol. can't wait to start learning how to trade biopharma stocks. printed out the FDA approval calendar and calendar with all the trial result dates, and I subscribed to your emails as well. Thanks for your videoes! I didn't even know about doing this until I saw one of your videos last week.

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