1. You are my inspiration I have had some major health issues a few years ago and hit my point of giving up a few months ago and then I hit your channel. Well your motto “Do what you think you can’t do” has kept me going.

  2. Mary,can something in the house make u cough,u said from upstairs to downstairs,or inside,outside?please let test be better🤗,that food looked great🍜,its good mary is eating😄,peter i are wonderful husmand😍,hug ollie,good night.

  3. I understand about a certain drink tasting better in a certain tumbler. I have aluminum tumblers, they are 60 years old, and koolaid tastes particularly good in this. A drink is never colder than hen it is served in aluminum tumblers, mmmmmmm.

  4. When we got son the instant pot…cause he does lal the cooking..we found a cookbook for it on Amazon with loads of recipes. It also tells you how to boil eggs with it. Loved seeing all the dried fruit. One of the foods I miss so much cause have not been able to eat them for some times as they require a lot of chewing for me.

  5. Imma be honest here: I'm tired. Tired of pretending that everything's gonna be ok. I barely manage. I'm only here because I have to be. Nothing keeps me going. I have a poor quality of life and I miss being taken care of by my dad who is gone

    My stomach is upset every single day. Struggling to keep my eating under control is difficult. I only eat because I have type two diabetes.

    Going to the bathroom sucks cuz I can sit on the toilet for up to 20 minutes and be covered in sweat because of how difficult it is to have a bowel movement.


  6. I've been sick for months and we just recently traveled to try and get more answers and I got none. I was pretty sad and disappointed and there's yet to be really any more answers. I am a senior in high school and I've already missed a bunch of the 3 weeks of school I'm just trying to make it through and graduate and walk with my friends. But I wanted to say thank you for being there and always giving me something to watch during my many days in bed. It's hard to stay positive sometimes but i remember to laugh every day ❤❤❤❤

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