1. Dude I'm be honest with you I just started following you and I've been seeing your videos and I think you're one of the youtubers I love watching like your workouts are awesome and the funny videos picking up girls lol love it man..whenever u come back I'll be here waiting on ur next video bro

  2. Completely understand the need for a break. You are an inspiration to so many, but you can’t forget about yourself. Best of luck and I look forward to what you bring next.

  3. Definitely enjoy what u have, it can b gone tomorrow. It’s good to set new goals but take time to enjoy life also. Drama can happen in anyone’s life but that shit is just negative to have in your life.

    A YouTuber PeeWeeTom just died from cancer, that was his whole channel, he vlog his journey with his sickness. It’s sad to see but really puts things into perspective of what’s important. I suggest u go watch his videos, or at least his last few videos.

    At the end of the day, just be happy with your choices in life.

  4. Trent, is his name Trent? Bradley’s black friend…. dang. That’s all I have to say. And I am a female viewer so people don’t have to put the “gay” comments. Are there any other female viewers out there???

  5. Forget the pre workout bro I want the advice or a mentor I was diagnosed last year with chronic leukemia and I’m battling back to live the best life I can by working on my body by getting gains it is a battle that I’m winning right now but YouTube workout videos from you and mike rashid has inspired me to fight harder not only in the gym but in life thank you for everything and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future take your time and many blessings brother

  6. I’m a distance runner and never liked weight lifting because I thought it was boring and didn’t really understand it. You have inspired me and I really love it almost as much as running now! Love you and no matter what I’ll look up to you!

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