Vaping Industry Makes Its Case (HESA – 2018)

The future of the vaping industry in Canada is on the line as Bill S-5 rounds the final turn on its way to becoming law. Canada’s new federal vaping regulations …


  1. To be fair:

    Don Davies of Vancouver Kingsway at 28:00 saying ecigs has 4 ingredients while cigarettes have 1400 chemicals is just lying… there are unhealthy chemicals in ecigs as well, you can't just say one has ingredients, the other has chemicals, that's some Mad Men style advertising that would make Don Draper rich! But it's BS.

  2. Doug Eyolfson tried to pull the refer madness gateway argument and apply it to vaping/smoking which has been long debunked. While some people may try some things and move on to other things, the benefit of the millions of people who quit smoking by vaping far outweighs the small amount of people who will try vaping and move on to smoking. In the end we all have to make up our own minds about what we put into our bodies and suffer the consequences of it.

  3. For now, I choose to believe that vaping will not foolishly be restricted to those who benefit from this activity. My thinking is based in the belief that we will not choose to give more oppressive laws toward the disallowing of yet another freedom in a world that now more than ever needs liberty and we as thinking people will recognize this giving yet more of long fought freedoms to ourselves, simply put the progressive recognition of intelligent thinking giving allowance to what we need, liberty, is well and alive in what otherwise could be a cruel world where the control of others lives continue to what would be also a poorer world.

  4. My dad just died a painful death from cigarettes. Fuck these pieces of shit protecting the tobacco industry. Lowsy fucking low lives. People do not mean shit to Big Tobacco. When something amazing like vaping comes out and takes from their pockets, they will lie, and twist the truth/FACTS to make more sales, which in turn kills more and keeps TEENAGERS smoking. Wtf?!? I would buy my kid a vape to keep him/her away from cigs forever. As long as they're old "enough" which I would determine, not anyone else

  5. There is no way that is a zero chanch that that any one vaping is is ever going to move on to smoking. Smoling. Why in the world would anyone ever return to smoking when vapiong is possible and oes not taste horrible lijke a cigarrette it caused your entire body to stink and tat alone extens to your clothes, your house and everything else, Believe me vapers will never return to smoking and if your take a survey of how many people return to smoking after vaping I am positively sure that you will find that being a zero chance. If your take away vaping then is when you would find millions returning to smoking.

  6. Quit smoking 3 years ago thanks to vaping. Was in to the local electronic store today, and an elderly lady walked in and smelled so fucking bad of cigarettes it was vomit inducing. The thing is when you are a smoker you do not realize just how awful you smell to others. And realizing i smelled like this myself for 2 plus decades i have felt ashamed beyond belief.
    Thanks to vaping i managed to quit smoking cigarettes from a fruitless battle which involved surrogates, hypnosis, pills and patches etc, you name it. I went through the detox process & lowered my nicotine levels until i was not addicted anymore and that was it.
    The main reason i believe we are so addicted to cigarettes is just not the Nicotine. But the thousands of other chemicals in them as well.
    And that is the thing why i will never take another puff. Because i will not put my life in the hands of companies that has absolutely no obligation at all by law or otherwise to put out what exactly it is they are putting in the cigarettes.
    It is like being a heroin addict and buying brick dust and shooting it in. You do not know what it is that you putting in your body.

    Never again!

  7. My opinion on vaping although I do not vape yet but moving soon is that at least in vaping you know what ingredients in the liquid but there are some questions about vaping that are acceptable and some people who say vg and eg are safe and food grade etc… in vaping its different because you are not eating them you are smoking them heat involved I agree that they maybe safer alternative to smoking but also some researches shall be done about some question like what gases are forming when heating vg and eg what wattage, heat temperature are in that matter also there should be some ways to prevent flavors from burning, also does vg and eg cause any harm in lung yes we do not know and experts not politics and business should say their word here so people understand and choose for themselves

  8. Well lets talk about kids and vaping/smoking… Is that fault of the vape industry?or nicotine? or tabaco industry?No,its fault of their parents ,so stop excusing parents for they laziness and their irresponsibility to take care of their children.

  9. Over the past seven to ten years the vaping industries (hardware and software) and the vaping community were confronted with politicians who ignored or even denied the scientific evidence on vaping as a harm-reducing product and a way out of tobacco addiction for smokers. I partially understand the reasons behind this I believe that in view of the harm tobacco causes and the literally millions of lives that probably could be saved by switching to vaping the argumentation of the anti-vaping-activists lack substance. Early 2018 Canada was in the focus of the European vaping community (and yes, we are a community and social movement – a fact that was also denied by the anti-vaping-parties in Europe) being one if the few countries that finally looked at the many studies on vaping and the evidence available unbiased and made some sensible decisions. It gives the global vaping community hope for the future. May the governments worldwide take Canada as a role model and act accordingly. Thank you for your work and effort. (English is not my native language so please overlook the mistake I probably made.) Greetings from Austria, EU.

  10. Doug its good to hear that vaping is leading smoking for the first time. I would like to see vaping completely wipes out smoking completely. Your thinking is flawed if you think vaping leads to smoking. People vape because they don't want to smoke. Period!
    I'm 60 years old and tried everything from gum, patches, pills etc…. Nothing work. Tried vaping and not one cigarette since. I feel noticeably better.
    Sounds like your spill was sponsored in part by big pharma and big tobacco.

  11. Quit smoking after 30 years due to vaping. I can breathe and smell way better now. No way vaping is as bad as cigarettes. Vaping is the only way i was able to quit smoking. And I tried all methods.

  12. People who smoked and switched to vaping won't go back because whenever you smell smoke or are around people who smoke you are totally disgusted by the foul stench it has and it makes you really wonder why you ever smoked. Its is literally shyte. Now to say vaping is a gateway to smoking is plain nonsense, vaping is a pleasant experience. Vaping is like dining on a fine wine, smoking is the equivalent of drinking a bottle of camels piss. Please tell me how this could invoke a "gateway effect"

  13. When my daughter first shared with me that she wanted to try smoking. I told her about my experience visiting a cigarette factory and watching tobacco become brown sludge with over 400 different chemicals added and then being put through more processes to make it look more like tobacco again.

    And then I asked her to go to the Internet and get all the info she could about tobacco and if she still wanted to smoke, I'd buy her a pack of American Spirit.

    To my surprise she came back with info and still wanted to try it. So we arranged a time and a place to do it.

    She inhaled… she coughed… she laughed… she got a little dizzy… she liked that… she got a little more dizzy… she didn't like that… then she got nauseous… she really didn't like that…

    She said: why do people do it!

    They like the dizzy feeling… the nausea dissipates after awhile… but you know there is another way to get dizzy: spinning!

    So she became a Sufi!

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