1. they face upto 45years..that'll be the maximum..they'll probably get 2-4years..i bet the poor babies were crying so they blew weed in there mouths thinking it would calm them..could of just hugged fed or changed them..babies don't cry for no reason.

  2. There has to be more charges than this. You wouldn't get 45 years for making a baby smoke weed. You would definitely go to jail, but not for 45 years. Where's the rest of the information?

  3. Oh gosh why would the parents hire those two human scums as babysitters. Just look at the way these bitches dress, ghetto as fuck. Their appearance is immediately causing a negative effect on the kids. One is covered in ugly ass tattoos and that ghetto looking ass hair. It's good that they will be in butt rape prison for 45 years.

  4. 45 years????? That's fucked up thet shoulda got 5 years and lost custody of the child. These women get 45 meanwhile rapist and some killers get 5 to 20 years WITH parole. I don't understand the logic. A rape can put you behind bars for 12 years while stealing a TV puts you behind bars for 25 years

  5. This system is fucking flawed, how you giving 45 years to them for forcing children to smoke Marijuana, but giving paedophiles more than half of that for raping them?, both are wrong but this is fucking pathetic

  6. Damn though 45 years thats too much… Yeah they fucked up and are stupid as fuck but, theres rapist and killers getting off in like 10-15 smh… dikes are weird and demonic though of course they did it

  7. 45 years damn maybe the judge hates lesbians relationships,child abusers ,ratchet women. The outfit she wore to courthouse, the shoes on her feet .her gums because they were black, tattoos on her body , the tattooo artist who was responsible for the tattoos……………….did I miss anything?

  8. 45 years a little too much. Just take the kids away and give them a few years and keep them away from drugs for life. If they get caught with drugs again then they could get more time

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