1. Tolerance breaks are the best and the worst. I felt so great when I took a week long t break this spring, but the insomnia was REAL. Any troubles with sleep on your break?

  2. Whattttt you can smoke at your job!? Is that what’s it’s like to live in a legal state? Anyways, super happy to see another video 🙂 also the way you greeted your dog is literally me every time I see any animal

  3. Omg….. halfway through the video I realized I was watching the “clean” version and I should actually watch this on the weedtube lol oops 🙊

  4. First to comment? Yes that’s what a superfan I am. Thanks for another fun vid Evelyn! Yoshii and Princess are adorable. Part of me is hoping for you, that you get into a situation where you can have a cat again . I know how much you miss yours. You seem to be getting a bunch of dog time at work though which is awesome 😎. Do you feel like giving us an idea of what your job at Resolution is? I’m super curious! It seems like such a chill work environment. Take care, love you girl!

  5. I love finding surprise herb in places I've stashed it! I feel like a video game character when I find it. "You've found The Hero's Dank Herb! Would you like to save or drop this power up?"

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