1. Well if it is some sort of fun or exasperating cerebral high,,,I can't reflect of perlite myself,,,,just don't waft that cannibal cleaner paragoric, By Lipton's Roast Liftiffer….Between Alberta and Ontario,..[

  2. damn that optic 8 is a beast. killer set-up. is that a 4×8 tent?? thanx for the update. cant wait to 👀 see the flip.. damn. all those optics look killer I take that back. "beautiful". my friend

  3. Yes,get them done faster.
    I'm glad you got clones to do the grow with.
    I started seed on flowering light only, no veg.
    I run 25 days 24/7 light first.
    The first 10 days is seed growth, the next 15 day's, is plant growth, the branches and leaf start.
    Drop to 12/12 on the plant for another 25 day's, still using flowering light.
    The first 10-15 day's of 12/12,the plant starts to develop into gender. Last 10 day's of the second 25 day run,all plants show gender.
    Now, this is optional
    Either continue for the next 45 day's, using flowering light ,to finish a harvest.
    Pull male's out and separate females.
    Take the female out and put under full veg lighting.
    Please let's see more videos on your grow;*)

  4. Dude you should not be having these issues. Your vegged girls went through major transplant shock and you were talking about it like it was normal. Might I suggest you don’t just throw the clones into flower because you will suffer in yield. You should not flip a plant to flower unless your 100 percent sure they are healthy healthy.

  5. Hey nice vid.gonna pop 2 strawberry nuggets, i want to scrog,will u give me some advice pls on defoliating and or anything that will help me,i have a 2x2x4 tent and a 300w led from amazon,also 2 cfl 100w on opposite corners,,really like ur channels,,

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