1. Hey man, yesterday marked 1 day i stop smoking! I can't lie it was a hard pill to swallow. I craved black&milds when i woke up, at work on break. It was sort of increasing my iron & iknew saving money and saving my life at a young age at 19 that smoking was not what i wanted to do. Thanks man, you really caught my intentions on quitting! Thanks:)

  2. Great video as per usual. Speaking of triggers, I reckon you should do a video on drinking. This is where many many people slip up, including myself on past quit attemps. It's also something thst stops many people from attempting to quit; nit wanting to abstain from booze. I have my own opinions on it, but I'd love to hear yours.

  3. Great info in this video! I can definitely relate to a lot of them things you mentioned here. Right before my quit I had a terrible smokers cough to where I'd hack my lungs up. Now, I haven't weezed or coughed before bed at all. It use to sound like my lungs were whistling now nothing…and I have the same issues with certain, random places and things that give me triggers. You are doing so well and your so inspiring! Just take it one day, one moment, one trigger at a time. Lock yourself in a box when you have a trigger if needed ..hahahaha keep it up!😀

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