Quit Your Job and Live the Outdoor Lifestyle? | Your Questions Answered

How do I quit my job and work in the outdoors, my ideal lifestyle, and I’m 19 years old, how do I build a log cabin like you did? I answer two questions I received …


  1. Location is everything. Get an education or learn a trade that is in demand and go to a small town on the outskirts of the bush. I trap wolves 10 minutes from my house. I have a moose blind 5 minutes from my couch. But I do not have access to the theatre, or cinema, or fancy stores. Choices must be made and location is what it is all about.

  2. Hello. I've often wondered while following you on these videos what's your age is. I'm 56 and have begun in the past I guess several years to have a lot of bad health. And my question always when I'm watching your videos is what would you do if you had some kind of major health incident. Back here several months ago I made the comment about it looked like maybe you was having some burnout with the cabin and everything all the work. Since then I wish I had not said that. I feel like I sort of was not of an encouragement. I'm a carpenter but I have absolutely no nothing on you! Just one more thing to is that how in the world do you know how to do so many things there with the craftsmanship and the making of the cabin the preparation and all is just if no one's done that kind of thing they won't understand what I'm saying but I know that you do. Thank you and I appreciate your videos and God bless and is always keep looking up+

  3. This was a YouTube recommendation decided to watch. He gives the best realistic advice. This lifestyle isn't for everyone and it could be a nightmare (many times I cried and wanted to leave/glad I stayed). I had the same idea 20 years ago, purchased property, etc. It is not a Hollywood movie. It has been a learning lesson for me and strong character building/I'm a city woman turned mountainwoman. I take vacations in big cities, just to rest. Life is what you make it to be, staying on the path meant for you.

  4. I totally agree with your speech…. I've been watching your channel for almost a year or so. Totally motivated for a long while. Just didnt know how to start. You've been massively informative. Thanks from all of us. I have at least 20 people that started watching your channel with me. Now they are subscribers. Keep up this amazing life choice brother. Good work 👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Shawn I thought of several other things young folks can do to move forward on planning and save up money . NEVER buy new cars or trucks. Autos last much longer now days plus insurance will kill you on newer rigs. NEVER buy things that cant help you make a dollar. You don't need a 4 wheeler or motor cycle unless it can help you make some money.  Shawn didn't buy a tractor or fancy machines when he built the cabin. Don't visit Starbucks or buy junk food or pre made food. If you are serious about living in the out of doors you should be doing your own food anyway.

  6. Your advice is great But in the states health insurance can be a huge problem, especially folks with kids. If you hurt your family for selfish individual wants than you are too self centered. I am older and retired but in my life I never worried about not having money. I know how to do a lot of odd jobs. carpentry, metal work some art related skills. If I needed extra money or was unemployed I always could go drum up some work. Those are skills I feel a young person needs to develop. in college I went door to door in apt buildings and offered to do odd jobs. in 4 months I had to turn away work. I went to older folks and asked if they needed a helping hand. I? went to contractors and asked if they needed a person to clean up the job site. They were happy to pay me half what they were paying a full fledged carpenter. A jack of all trades is a great skill to have.

  7. Shawn
    I've watched many of your videos and love them. It's what I want to do. My wife is not like minded, so I have a steep road ahead.
    May I ask, how many acres do you have?
    Thank you in advance

  8. Hi Shawn, winning the loto sounds good but not that easy to do?. I had to retire at 40 due to an accident that nearly killed me, even now I cannot walk for more than a few yards without pain and having to stop for a rest. But because I had a good job before my accident and my love of computers I bounced back and provided myself with enough money to live a comfortable life. after my accident I thought I had nothing to live for and depression nearly got the better of me but with the help of friends I slowly got to a point where I had a purpose and that saved me, sometimes you just have to have faith in yourself.

  9. Love Joe, he is fantastic. Shawn, fantastic work. 55 year old here. I just harvested about 12 Poblanos from the Greenhouse, time for stuffed Pobs' Loyal watcher, wise words my friend

  10. Good advice for young men, or even middle-aged men. Even though I am decades past middle age, I still found the video interesting. – As always, stay safe. – – – The Armchair Adventurer

  11. very well explained..Early to bed, early to rise if you want to live free. your perspective on living in the woods is so right. One must b willing to make sacrifices every day. glad your getting your wood in and thank you for sharing your videos.. love ya…Tom n Rocky

  12. Shawn,
    I need to contact you directly how do I go about that I'm not the best with computers but I have something private I need to discuss with you about a few of your members/subscribers .You may have seen it or you may have not I think you did because you have not hearted and I can't since then.
    General repair

  13. forgive me if you've provided this before, but do you have a list of good books that you'd recommend for this lifestyle? building cabins, structures, etc, guides for living off grid etc. thanks

  14. I think it's worth mentioning that yes people are important, one cannot survive financially or otherwise completely alone, but not all people are useful, helpful, or friendly. This may seem obvious, but there is a balance. If you're going to hit on the subject of why people are important to us, why not also talk about how they screw us over time and time again? It's a part of life. I'm sure the large amount of debt you talk about accumulating wasn't only your mistake alone. There had to be people along the way that weren't loyal and were all around bad customers/friends/colleagues. Not a criticism on you at all, just meant to be an observation I've expirienced in my life a few times. Which is one of the 3 major reason I started going into nature and living the way I do. People are great, just not masses of them. Loved the fall foliage footage!

  15. Great advice & certainly not what the get rich quick folk would want to hear. Oh, some rare folk get extremely lucky with an idea & find a backer to get it to work. But, it certainly takes dedication & strict adherence to pauper lifestyle to retire early. Not rich, but enough to able to retire early.

  16. Sean I am the one from Northeast Ohio and I told you that because of my health I cannot do what you're doing I wish I would have met you when I was younger pal you are absolutely living my dream keep doing it looking forward to the next video

  17. I'm an old guy. Thank you for the motivational videos. It's great to see how this can be done . Although I think that it would be best as a part time venture for many.

  18. Ah English is overrated. No big loss their. Since I am a graduate of the fine school of hard knocks and am working on my Masters degree there…. I should know. School is important for sure, but these days vastly overrated. Lots of young people going into massive debt to have a degree that then won't make them a good living, while lots of jobs in carpentry, welding, trucking, HVAC, etc are left unfilled. There are jobs in forestry, fire fighting, tree planting, guiding, etc that people could do, get out in the wild, and see if its really what they want to do. Shawn you gave good advice. And I bet living in the woods full time is not for everyone. Not sure I would want to do it. But I appreciate being outdoors some of the time, and watching you and others do it makes up the difference.

  19. Another thing one can do – is move into a van, Im about to turn 55 work like a dog for most of the year – have debt and am on the precipice of getting a van and making that sacrifice – do it right 18 to 24 months out of debt and a down payment for land – health wise im for the most part good a few issues but with care and attention should be alright – for me I keep getting knocked down but I keep getting back up –

  20. SHAUN—-Ok so I’m getting out of the US Millitary in February, and I am going to live like you do- however- I can’t find the song you played on the video “what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin” at 8:45. I can’t find it anywhere

  21. My husband and I had a question about your cabin. We are contemplating building a structure like your camp kitchen on some property that is a camping commune. Unfortunately the property is prone to flooding when the tide is high, and it storms. Do you have any suggestions on making this sturdy? How about longevity? We have been trying to build up the soil in the low lying areas, and better our drainage, however I fear that any structures we build will begin to breakdown much faster because the soil is always moist.

  22. Just two simple questions Shawn…you've mentioned that you had your first major failed business and then you succeeded in your second business. Since you've never really said in the past (not that I remember), would you mind telling us the natures or fields of those two businesses? I wouldn't expect for you to name those businesses as I would personally advise that you don't, but a brief description of the $3/4 million lost business and the second successful one that bailed out the first and healthily nest-egged the second. The second question is, are you 100% retired today or are you working? Thank-you.

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