Marijuana Mania Episode 1

In the premiere episode of Marijuana Mania, Berner takes you on an exclusive trip to the Cookie Fam’s farm to talk breeding and then to the 3rd Generation …


  1. Are you guys NOT monetized!?!?!?!? I see no ads on this video…. PLEASE don't tell me YT won't monetize you… I just watched Joe Rogan podcast where they smoke pot and THEY had ads… High Times ads actually….

  2. The best damn reason to solicit "growing outdoors above indoors" should be dubbed environmentally safe or all natural? 🙂 as a 2 decade Arkansas advocate I solicit the benefits pertaining to the environment, because the benefits to the medical industry are more often echoed and widely accepted. Decent video no lie 🙂 That coming from a man whose pet peeve is one calling cannabis and hemp cousins facepalm I'm gonna have to check out another video and possibly share this one in my group.

  3. Outdoor Blue Dream is easy to grow. Five gallon grow bag's can yield one and a half pound compared to 10-14 ounces with strains like Critical, Dynamite, AK-47 and many others.

  4. thats probably why jobs like these aren't meant for me, i wouldnt be able to hold myself back and smoke 24/7 thru this video and drolling walking thru that weed farm like, OOH WEEEE

  5. it could be snicklefritz or ATF its gonna get ya high if its got any thc. stop supporting these goobers making money millions off what everyone can have and already does have.

  6. Very nice, but somehow I think the old school weed had the beauty that is very rare now, marijuana is a very complex plant and it's not all about the thc, there was some very trippy stuff back in the 80s, overly playing around with genetics is no good, I'm not saying there isnt some very very good stuff around today too.

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