Cannabis is now legal in Canada. Each province and territory has their own regulation for how to acquire marijuana, a healing plant with medicinal benefits.


  1. Yes! High Quality, CO2 extracted CBD is shown to induce "mutated cell apoptosis" AKA Cancerous cell growth (that's a good thing), on skin cells. Thank you, for your continuation of high vibrational energy, Kathleen. Thank you for your light work. -Love and Light.

  2. OMG, in my medicated state, to hear a youth filled being with a haylo of sub tropical light behind her, saying to me, to own my crotchity old self … well that's what I heard… 4+00 or so. I really am laughing out loud… thanks. yet again.

  3. But the government predictably screwed it up . No stores in Ontario for 7 months, while Quebec was good to go. Manitoba sold out in the first day. And they say they are trying to cut out the black market while they are actually encouraging it. Black market guys are going nowhere. Many of the prices are way out of whack. I was still able to buy from an illegal dispensary an eighth of both green crack and girls scout cookies for $60 combined no taxes.

  4. Thanks Kathleen! I live in California and even though its legal here, my fiance can't use it since he works for the federal government. Is CBD something he can use that won't come up in a drug test? His work is very strenuous and is always in pain it would be great if he could benefit from it without losing his job

  5. Hey Kathleen, thank you for the video! Great information; I know this plant is gift of nature but only when we use it right. I would like to use it for over coming anxiety and depression- to be my best self.what dosage and form do you recommend? Thank you again for the knowledge.

  6. I've never used oils before and would like an alternative to smoking. What would you suggest for a minimum dose to start with? I'm not sure about concentration. If it's typically one drop vs a tsp let's say, that will make you sink into the couch lol.

  7. What are your thoughts on regular long term use of cannabis? I'm conflicted about being dependant on any substance even if it is considered to be natural. In some cases, it could be masking other underlying issues that may be manageable without taking anything at all.

  8. I'm hoping that Health Canada will allow high CBD hemp varieties like Ma'at for agricultural production. That should reduce the price of CBD products and provide opportunities for Canadian farmers.

  9. I believe that every human at some point in his life (usually somewhere between the ages of 15 and 30) experiences within himself the Spirit of God, and wherever there is general awareness of Christianity, everyone also experiences the Spirit of Jesus Christ. After having had inner spiritual experiences, a human becomes accountable to God and must obey God, must purify himself from everything that is not in tune with God’s will and must seek perfection and union with God. Those who after having had spiritual experiences do not repent are being punished by God so that they are plagued by demons and afflicted by illnesses and/or other kind of misfortunes.

    Hence my view of cannabis and other drugs is this: a young person that did not yet have any spiritual experiences, is not held accountable by God and can therefore feel good on drugs even though his way of thinking and living is more or less wrong, but no drugs can help a person who despite having had spiritual experiences, unrepentantly stays in his wrongful way of thinking and living. Or in other words, whether drug use is beneficial to a person or not, depends on what kind of a person he or she is before God.

    Just because someone claims that his drug use is beneficial to him, it does not necessarily mean that he is telling the truth. In this world there are masses of such humans who in secret serve Satan and who can lie anything to fool people into drawing wrong conclusions and into believing wrong things. To make people poison themselves with drugs to the point of insanity, overdosing and death, Satan’s secret servants are doing all they can to make people believe that cannabis and other drugs are like a pet-dog that unconditionally loves you and that can always make you smile, but the truth is that if a person is not righteous before God, the β€œpet-dog” will show him his teeth and turn into a ferocious beast.

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