Joe Vargas Vlog #4 | Giving food and CBD oil to the homeless

The Buy Legal Meds team joins forces with Model Citizen Fund and hands out backpacks donated by Model Citizen Fund that carry 150 survival items. Food …


  1. Joe Vargas Aka CBD King.!! Always giving a helping hand when people are down.. Your an amazing person.. After watching this Vlog it’s makes me wanna go out and pay it forward

  2. This was my favorite vlog and makes me want to go and do something for the homeless community in my city (helping the homeless is something I’ve always been passionate about, I even used to be in a club in high school called Youth Against Homelessness). Thank you Joe and the rest of the team for making this video to inspire others! And tell Nahtaly that I have a messy room too 😭😂

  3. That's awesome Joe your humble as fuck and to see a CEO of a company pick up boxes when he has an assistant that could've done the heavy lifting alone and stand out in the Las Vegas sun on the poor side of town and help the community out makes me feel good supporting buylegalmeds #Spacemonkey for life great buy vlogs man

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