1. I think she holds the record for longest monologue on the JRE. Very intelligent individual. I almost did not watch when I saw the "FoundMyFitness" link assuming she would be a latest fad diet shill, I am glad I was wrong and watched.

  2. Rhonda Patrick, not an MD, at 40:44 states “schizophrenics are prescribed fish oil for negative paranoid delusional sorta of”. Assuming she is making a claim that fish oil decreases negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia please understand delusions are positive symptoms not negative symptoms. The concept is easy to understand positive symptoms associated with schizophrenia are symptoms that are added to normal functioning brains ie delusions negative symptoms are symptoms that are a decrease in normal functioning ie blunted affect. https://www.healthyplace.com/thought-disorders/schizophrenia-symptoms/what-are-schizophrenia-negative-and-positive-symptoms

  3. Joe do you know the history of the land that Central Park sits on? It was an African American neighborhood and many people owned their homes. They were run out and cheated. It's worth the reaserch. Love the show. Peace!

  4. She mentioned comparing a 72 hour water fast with the FMD, but the comment was never finished. What is the comparison, physiologically? Do they get the same results or is the water fast more beneficial?

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