How Does Legal Cannabis Work in Ontario, Canada?

As of today, October 17th, cannabis is legal in Canada — but the specifics vary a bit from province to province. This is how it works in my province of Ontario.


  1. not a drug consumer? i just wonder about this type of video on your channel may affect your audience its so odd and i smoke weed so it doesent bother me but why? why make a video at all..

  2. I live in BC Canada and they have opened their first Government Cannabis store. It actually looks very nice almost like an Apple store for cannabis. From the sounds of it we have lots of the same rules and regulations as Ontario, so that's cool haha. We also have many privately owned dispensaries around the province that needed to get a Licence to sell, and if not might get shut down and fined. It really was something I believe should happened long ago, but better late then never! Thanks for the video!

  3. Come on now U.K. government, let's follow our awesome Canadian friends, they have the right idea here!

    I'm pretty jealous, not much a fan of alcohol any more but don't know anyone to buy cannabis from. 🙁

  4. Tnx! … as a Dutch person i am slightly disappointed 'we' are not the first, godsmacked would probably be more close, but w/e … 30gr is indeed A LOT, and your estimation of about 1month for a fairly heavy user is indeed pretty correct (as well as the eating advice) … Bit disappointed they do not sell Hashish, which is just the flowers (without sticks) ground up and pressed for some time, but i guess you could make it yourself … as far as taste of pot goes, it taste actually pretty mild and nice, as opposed to the smell (baking is not advised as the heat will evaporate the resin which holds the THC and CBD, so only use it in cold preparation edibles or use it as you would a herb, by adding it once the dish is basically done and largely off the boil) … Lastly i would like to commend you on this video, very objectively put forth, though i would have liked it if you would have spend a bit more time on the risks (as due to the perception changing properties this product is not advisable to be used by people with a history of certain mental problems (schizofrenia type mental issues); yet, for some reason (as i have understood) some of the people with exactly those types of mental problem have benefits from consumption, though i think it's mainly the CBD version of it ~ don't pin me on this though! ~ I heard is different than fact !).

  5. As a dutchy since who lives in a nation where its been ok to smoke weed for like 40 years now. Once the hype breaks down from WEED (and it will after a decade or so) drug use will go down since the "Thrill" is gone

  6. I'd be very interested to know what the situation is for tourists? Is it now possible to have an activity filled holiday to Canada and enjoy a wee smoke while there? It sounds like this wouldn't be possible currently in Ontario due to having to order from a website.

  7. Since weed and alcohol is goverment controlled if you bought weed or alcohol from a third party illeagally and then you where caught with said product by the law could you be penalized in any way? Obviously the party who sold it to you can, but as a buyer could you be penalized?

  8. If I didn't hear the actual words, I'd be thinking this is another CIV video. The music is similar, there are maps, squares for purchasing/selecting stuff…

  9. Hey Quill. Thanks giving us a fair and impartial view on cannabis regulations here in Ontario. Nice to see a video that is informative without they hype. Not all of us are going to run out and buy it just because it's legal. Just like we all don't get drunk every day. 🙂
    (Fellow Sudbarian here woohoo! lol)

  10. Very informative video quill! I hope you enjoy your new freedom, it sucks living in a country that treats you like scum for occasional indulgence in a harmless hobby.

    I certainly recommend trying high CBD blends at some point, High THC, while fun, is less beneficial in the long term, whereas CBD is very useful for those with nervous or psychological disorders.

    Thanks for the mature and professional analysis and introduction for those who may be looking to research more about it, I'm sure this can only be a good thing.

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