1. glad i left n.s always backward trying to be progresive. iguess the people in power are bored. the province needs tofind people work instead of losing all its young people to other provinces .

  2. Smoking ban to the world 🙂 Would really enjoy not having to walk by smokestacks!
    At the same time, they should all the other green stuff, like making buildings more efficient, use passive heating & cooling, electrify transportation and reduce energy demand for it and other things. Use the cleanest incineration equipment to supplement passive heating.
    Basically, smoking is annoying but it's hardly an issue compared to other global problems. Practically don't know how this utopian idea would work. If we would drastically reduce the consumption of tobacco then farmers would have more space to grow food and littering of thoes filters would not be an issue.

  3. And once all smoking has been eliminated they'll start coming after you for eating red meat in public. I'm sorry sir, you can eat your burger, just not hear. Then the religious will get on board. And it will be, we don't even want you think about smoking or eating red meat.

  4. i dont even smoke and this is ridiculous. imho its just another excuse to fine (tax) people and bring in revenue, even if it's relatively minimal. can someone smoke in their car?! why not stop selling cigarettes and collecting tax revenue if its such an issue.

  5. I'm not even a smoker and I think this is totally ridiculous! What's next for the human race? Is the government going to ban breathing next? We are slowly losing all of our freedom rights.

  6. Kind of reminds me of a Burton cummings song;
    "Fine thing, fine state of affairs… "
    Except in this case it's
    "Sad thing, sad state of affairs…."
    This was so obviously done as a backlash to the legalization of pot. They rationally thought we can just make it illegal to smoke anywhere in public, including cigarettes. They essentially have a city where smoking is illegal in any form anywhere.
    Rental owners are stopping people from smoking in their apartments. So what happens to people that don't own a home, they are left to break the law to smoke. Can't smoke at home, can't smoke at work, can't smoke in public, can't smoke in bars. I guess in Halifax you have to be well off enough to own a home if you wanna smokevape cigarettes or pot. So pot is legal in Halifax, but only if you own your own home, and that better not be a condo, cause you probably won't be able to smoke in that either. Rules for the rich and rules for the poor.
    Sad state, sad state of affairs!

  7. It's okay we can still smoke car exhaust or sign up for Canada's assisted suicide which is available now based on the grounds of sadness. This is extremely orwellian to say the least

  8. I live in Halifax and I don't smoke but I do vape…..I'm not a cloud chaser and what I do doesn't leave butts on the street, now I'm not allowed to vape!!!
    I quit smoking two years ago but I'm standing with the smokers on this one….it's freaking ridiculous.

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