1. Is it torturing for you – one that has ascended to an enlightenment – to see the majority of your flock in a perpetual spiral of poverty, helplessness, hopelessness, greed and evil and knowing there is very little you can personally do or does being an enlightened one help bear the knowledge of your flocks many failings? Cheers Russ or should that be Brian "…just a very naughty boy". (condemned)

  2. how russell has turned his life around away from drugs is fucking amazing to have that motivation to make those changes and get clean then give talks helping people through addiction then turning into a comedian presenting tv awesome fella

  3. World Love. Alan Watts.
    What percentage of people in a.a. are on antidepressants?

    What percentage of alcoholics get and stay sober without relapse?

    What do the black box warnings on ssri's say about abusing them?

    Who invented ssri's?

    Are ssri's emperically proven to adjust serotonin safely?

    Ask a psych md if ssri's work and to:

    Do rehabs give ssri's?

    Are rehabs regulated?

    Non Symmetrical Order is from the Korean word "Li".

    The tree represents "Li"….our bodies….

    "Right" is a 5000 year old word meaning "in harmony with".

    Do ssri's impair our "Li" as much as street drugs and alcohol?

    Tough topic for program beings?

    Have a peaceful moment. Thank you r.b. for sharing your search.

  4. Hello Russell! I adore your intellect, kindness, thank you! My question is about the transcendental meditation that you practice – I feel like I really need it. I try to meditate, but it doesnt seem to "work" to calm me down. Transcendental meditation classes are really pricy for me, is i possible to learn it by yourself? (I still keep on trying) Thank You! <3

  5. I like you, Russell. Your heart is in the right place. I'll close by quoting Stephen Grellet to describe how I found happiness in life. "We shall pass this way on this Earth but once, if there is any kindness we can show, or good act we can do, let us do it now, for we shall never pass this way again."

  6. I think this book will be so helpful for so many.

    I'm 8 years off drugs! Woopwoop.

    I just feel called to share some things I've been looking into for the past few years.

    We are biologically hardwired to move towards pleasure, expand with pleasure…and constrict with pain. Happiness is a temporary emotion that causes the sensation of pleasure within us..the FEELING of pleasure within our body…and this causes expansion, on a cellular and atomic level..an energetic level. This is true pleasure not the kind of sexual or otherwise gratification spoken about here. Pleasure is at the core of happiness. Pleasure does not mean "sexual gratification"..it does not mean "sexual" full stop. However the abuse of our sexuality is a huge issue… the misunderstanding of pleasure is also a big issue. What does "feeling good" really feel like? It feels enjoyable …why…because it brings about the sensation and actually expansion of pleasure within us on ALL levels… I would so LOVE to meet Russell Brand and talk about all of this. What is happiness without the experience of pleasure? You cannot have happiness without pleasure. But you can experience pleasure without happiness. Just my thoughts right now. Who knows really! ♡

  7. Buenos dias Mr. Brand, estoy muy contenta por su desicion de ir al grano con la vida y la verdad. Felicidades!! Sin embargo la mente es muy astuta, me parece que su mente le sigue abduciendo. COn esto me refiero a que para transcender realmente, usted necesita hacer un reconocimiento mas profundo, experiencial y real para poder saber realmente de donde vienen sus palabras. Le dejo un ejercicio de reconocimiento real. Si usted quiere hacer las cosas bien y que sea real, asi debe de ser. Sino la mente colectiva puede aprovechar si trabajo para aprender y evolucionar en formas mas sutiles. Just for true seekers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5_sbzSXs0E&t=783s . Te amo, si no eres parte de la solucion real, eres parte del problema.

  8. Russell all the best with your book mate. You might have discussed it already, but what are the books you've read? or the books that you could advise for people to read?

  9. I'm taking on the questioning of my own beliefs as a playful and engaging means toward seeking what is true. Your conversations with Cox and Sheldrake have been wonderfully stimulating to that end. Thank you for providing such rich value. I will watch more.

  10. I'm genuinely so glad you're sharing and spreading all this stuff, i've felt, and experienced the exact same way of being. feeling good by yourself without anything or anyone else or more, even having the time of your life alone, by yourself. real happiness fulfillment and validation can all be found within, and really only be found within, searching externally never works

  11. Russell, I am not on Twitter or Instagram but wanted to urge you to have Georgi Yael Johnson on your Under the Skin show. She is an Oxford grad and a brilliant therapist. She quotes you in her book NonDual Therapy. Pretty please dear Russell!

  12. Dear Russel, thank you for the great insights made available to us all through "under the skin". I feel there is a gap with respect to how islam was discussed throughout these sessions that seemed to be unsatisfying , even for yourself. I think you and your audience would really enjoy a deeper conversation about Sufism. One suggestion is to interview Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar on transcendental psychology. I think you will enjoy it a lot ! Let me know if I can help. peace =) http://www.sufienneagram.com/biography.html

  13. Russell, I would [feel good] if we Grew UP and became a civilized species. Transparency, turning OFF the Corruption Leaks in the Common Good Distribution Channels would break down the walls. Help? LSPS Law > [Those whom collect money from us, including religions, governments & charities; will be required to Live Stream their
    Spending] creating a Watch Dog in 'Real Time' that barks & bites.
    <<< Make this an ISSUE on Nov 6th, 2018!!!

  14. Russell, please comment on what Katy Perry is doing to those poor nuns over real estate. She has so much money yet she is trying to steal the property from poor elderly nuns battling them in court. She should be charitable and let them keep their retirement property. Katy Perry is showing the world the type of person she truly is. Please comment on this before these nuns go bankrupt fighting her in court. One of the nuns has already died as a result of the stress . Network news channels will never say anything bad about Katy Perry because she is so profitable and they need her as a guest on their shows.

  15. Better to ask, do beliefs make you feel better, sure if you are a believer. Belief is simply a protective wall behind which you can hide your ID from reality, which is why people get so aggressive when you attack their belief structures, you are dismantling the protective wall they hide behind, that which keeps them safe from the unpredictability of reality, well at least at our intellectual level.
    Belief the foolish empty construct behind which you convince yourself you are safe, up until a lethal insect bite, a rock from space drops on your head or you trip and break your neck, basically any one of the seemingly random occurrences which shatter you believe of being safe by ending you ability to believe anything.
    If you struggle with that, find sanctuary behind the idea of quantum consciousness, more specifically the idea of bound and unbound quantum consciousness, each time understanding dismantles beliefs, it always tend to bring forth new levels of 'magic' or spirituality. The bounds of quantum consciousness are as big as the entire universe and smaller than the smallest molecule in your body, at the same time ie not of the regular dimensions as we interact with them.

  16. Putting those chemicals into our bodies doesn't make us feel good. It makes us feel nothing. It attempts to numb the "unhappiness" that we feel because, when the pleasure falls away you find yourself still in that constant state of unhappiness (both before and after you run to your pleasure again). I agree that it would be beautiful for all people to have a true sense of joy in their hearts but all to often are we too blind to see what is faithfully inside and all around us. We ourselves (with help from my Big Papa) are the only masters of our inner joy and piece or happiness. I refuse to let circumstances steal my joy, whether they're happy, sad or not. Deuces :/

  17. "Happiness lies beyond the superficial stimulation of pleasure…people can sell you pleasure, no one can sell you happiness; happiness you resource within, goodbye consumerism." Well put, Russell. Fits with the Stone's "…And I tried, and I tried, and I tried, and I tried, I can't get no satisfaction."

  18. Perhaps we all need to break out of the manufactured consent of social acceptability.  There is a part of each of us that searches for a way out. It starts with that niggling doubt that the world is not operating in the way it is meant to. But when you start asking the big questions like are we actually Free…  at all ?? Then quite frankly you are mentally fcuk'd. If Drugs or the Church are the answer, there's sommat wrong with the question.

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