Crafted Cannabis Cartridge Co. Northern Lights Indica Review

Our second look at THC cartridges. This time, we’re reviewing the Northern Lights Indica cartridge from Crafted Cannabis Co. Will it be as good as Rove?


  1. But hey Weeats, dude – I got some CE recently…. and the oil isn't as liquidy. it's actually even thicker than the brass knuckles. they've also changed the cart style… mine is a black tip ceramic + glass. I'd say they're even better than BK imo.

  2. im in an illegal state and a girl said she could get me a 98 percent thc 1 gram cartridge for 50 dollars, does this seem like a scam? i cant imagine thats actually real!! and for so cheap

  3. Well it’s not bad! The effects were actually good lasting. I hit 3-4 times in bed and woke up before I knew it. Now in morning a wake n bake is in order….let’s see what happens.

  4. I’m hitting the same name brand but it OG Kush. I’m hitting it the same time you do. And yeah the potency, not quite there. But good enough. Yeah the effects are probably going to have less longevity. But better than nothing for sure.

  5. Whenever u use cart u gotta zerothat shit out to make it last Bc trust me my ass has prolly wasted 100$ of bucks by running thru full grams in 5 or 6 days

  6. Wow didn't know there were so many brands of cartridges out there, I thought it was so standardized at this point there wouldn't be too much difference. And good to see you're starting to recognize the differences between sativa and indica strains. I know you said edibles are the great equalizer and they all just get you high, but supposedly with my latest favorite method with decarbbing with the Ardent Nova, you get to custom choose the strain depending on what you have access to, which for you is everything. And the effects should stay true to the strain.

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